Sunday 25 May 2014

Sunday Weigh In: Here Comes the Bank Holiday

This might just end up being my shortest weigh in update post yet, which would be a miracle, I'm even going to break down why it will be a short post in two bullet points.

  • I've been pretty busy this week AND I can barely remember what has happened, I will check my log though.
  • The second reason is I feel lousy, like cold and sickness lousy, I just basically feel run down and queasy. It is currently 12:35 Saturday night/Sunday morning, I'm still up watching The Evil Dead (1981) so when I look back on this before posting which I usually do Sunday morning/afternoon things might have changed, I'll update a little bit later if that is the case as it will change the course of the next three days. 
I just about remember things being good, I can't think of a day where I cocked up so things have been progressing slow and steady.

As you can see I had another week of making over 10,000 steps on each week day - I thought I would have a much better week after my impressive start on Monday but it wasn't to be. Please note I haven't finished syncing so Saturday isn't fully there although I did only manage slightly over 5,000 steps BUT if you look at my log below you'll see I burned an impressive amount of calories through exercise on Saturday. 

So I've enjoyed my exercise this week, starting boxing, making use of the gorgeous weighted gloves I received at Christmas is great and as you can see from the log above I do burn a nice number of calories over a short period of time.

I've really enjoyed my exercise, I even did a fitness clothes inspired summer wardrobe update post yesterday, see here. I actually already own a few of the items!

I just couldn't get motivated on Saturday though, we had planned to go for a quick walk but the weather was so awful we stayed in. Plus we were sucked in by a dvd, Neighbours from the beginning volume 1- so the first episodes of Neighbours - they were totally engrossing and 10 a.m. quickly passed and it was after 1 p.m. before we could say Jim Robinson! 
So what does Sunday hold? It depends on how I feel in the morning but the plan is a quick walk out and a yogalates session, but that's it. It would be nice to do enough walking to meet my goal of 31 miles.

Food wise this week has been the same but I do have some new goals for next week.

*Sunday Morning Update: feeling a bit blah but not as queasy as last night so I'm going to take it in the morning and aim to go out for a walk and do some yogalates in the evening* 

Short Term Goals
If I feel as bad as I do now the goal for Sunday will be to get out of bed, if not I want to do more. This week will be funny as I also have the first two days off work so it will be hard to get my steps up, especially if the awful weather continues. Exercise and walking wise I would be happy to continue as I have been this week with a goal to improve even more in June. If I manage to make 31 miles by the end of Sunday then I will aim for 32 miles next week. 
Food wise although I've been under I want to improve the quality a bit more, possibly more of a 85/15 ratio with the "healthy"/"unhealthy" foods. I also want to go back to having some plain protein powder after working out mixed with soya milk. 

Long Term Goals
They haven't really changed, plus I have nothing to add right now to aim for.


  1. Make sure you cut yourself some slack if you're not feeling 100% - this is a long term thing so a few days won't make any difference in the long run. That Neighbours dvd looks fab - I may have to add it to my xmas list (by which time the price might have come down a bit too !) Thanks for linking up xx

    1. I sometimes find it hard to slow back down the yogalates is quite relaxing so I might still aim for that. I'm back in bed, I felt so queasy again, watching the Neighbours set, I highly recommend it I won my copy, I just wish I had the second volume. Might move on to Prisoner Cell Block H in a bit instead! xx

  2. This is so inspirational! :) Good luck with the weight loss plan dear Sharon! :)