Tuesday 13 May 2014

Pastel Polka Splurge Nails

Last week I tried out Topshop's Milk & Honey nail varnish, now I really wasn't sure of it but before I removed it I wanted to try something out hence the nails above.

Now although white nail varnish isn't for everyone it does make a fantastic background for nail designs. I'm terrible at doing fancy designs on my nails but one thing I can do is polka dots, which I do quite a lot, usually fairly precise dots of either white or black nail varnish. This time around I wanted to be a bit messier with it, randomly and frantically applying a few different colours of nail varnish.

Not only is a design like this simple but it is also a good way of using up nail varnishes that are either drying up and aren't suitable for a full even coat or those you have a little left of and although you are unable to paint a full set of nails with them you just can't get rid.

I've gone for pastels which I inexplicitly love all year around even though my preference is for the dark side. The purple nail varnish is from Topshop - Parma Violet, the pink is from Clinique - Sweet Tooth and finally the green is from nails inc - Royal Botanical Gardens, sadly this colour is discontinued.

So a pretty simple way of either doing your nails or updating a colour you're already wearing but are starting to get bored of! 


  1. Looking at the nails I don't believe that I are not good at nail art, I mean everything is so neat, not even a stroke mark on white nails .
    Loved the subtle colors you picked for the art
    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you sweetie, it might have turned out a bit better because I knew I wouldn't be keeping it on for long! xx

  2. Such lovely colour! Love it.