Saturday 3 May 2014

Layla Cosmetics Softouch Effect Nail Polish no. 3

Layla Cosmetics have an absolutely ginormous range of nail polishes, such a variety of colours and effects they really have something for everyone. They aren't readily available in shops in the UK but fortunately you can easily pick them up from The price of them can vary wildly, personally I wouldn't pay more than £6 for them but fortunately through Amazon I've managed to pick some up for slightly over £2 in the past, an absolute bargain. The one I'm typing about today is currently on Amazon for £7.57 however I originally picked it up for a couple of pounds less. I find it best to add any I like to a wishlist and keep an eye on the price.

Now the one I'm talking about today is from the softouch effect range, number 3 - on Amazon it is described as stone but I couldn't see any reference to this on the website so we'll stick with calling it number 3.

Number 3 is a beautiful, metallic, sparkly lilac shade. The effect leaves the nails soft, matte and with a minor textured feel to it. It really does feel nice and oddly, smooth. It really dries quickly which makes a fantastic change, I'm such a fidget so I hate nail polish that takes forever to dry. Its also easy to remove, even with the tiny particles of sparkle.

My one issue with this nail varnish is without a top coat it really won't last, I found within a day it was chipping - fair enough, I should know better but some polishes do last a few days without a problem. I see this as a minor issue as the shade is beautiful and it is something I could easily resolve by slicking on a clear coat after.

I can't help browsing all the Layla nail polishes, trying to find which one to try next, there are so many amazing looking colours and effects it's hard not to buy new ones now but I must resist.

Have you tried Layla cosmetics before?


  1. metallic nails look fantastic
    Happy weekend