Saturday 17 May 2014

Natural Manicure with a Colourful Twist

Now I've been rather dull this week opting for a sensible and dependable nude nail varnish but the weekend is here and the sun is shining. Rather than completely redo my nails I've decided to update them instead.

The sensible, dependable nail varnish I mentioned is Essie's Au Natural, a perfect barely there brown-pink - long-lasting as well. Next up I decided to make use of the set of OPI mini Sheer Tints I picked up a while back. I loved the idea of sheer tints but I couldn't choose which shade which is why I took them all, Be Magentale With Me, Don't Violet Me Down, I Can Teal You Like Me, and I'm Never Amberrassed, just in mini form - not full sized, so I showed some restrain! With 5 fingers and 4 nail varnishes I had to choose which shade I wanted to double up on,  I was in the mood for purple so double up on Don't Violet Me Down and applied them to my tips, just covering the white.

So a simple update, even I can do it, instead of French manicure style with white tips I've instead gone with bright colourful tips.

Simple but gorgeous, plus totally suitable for work.


  1. This manicure looks so cool
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