Friday 27 December 2013

A Very Merry Christmas - Just What Did I Get?

Presents under the tree - The Beast wasn't one of these although it feels like he is he's such a lovely, old boy.

Now I like to spoil my family and friends but of course I also like to be spoiled, I would much prefer to have 52 presents under the tree than a present for each week of the year. We do go overboard, I start shopping as early as I can looking for bargains, good deals. I spoil my young cousins rotten, not necessarily because I'm spending lots of money but I spend time thinking, searching, planning and shopping. I like to make sure I'm getting everyone what they would love rather than a gift for the sake of it. 

The photo above shows what was under the tree, The Beast (pussy cat) gatecrashed the photo, he has a longer story to him which I won't go into now.

The Beast with one of his presents

James and I have out own tradition, we tend to save presents for when we have a free moment and as we spent Christmas running around we instead left all the other presents until Boxing day.

Now I won't be adding much more text to this post, photos are a much better idea but there are quite a few so seek them after the cut!

I'm very fortunate to have so many wonderful friends and family to spoil me! 

In the New Year I'm hoping I'll be feeling that much better that I can get back to my weight-lifting, pilates, circuit-training, etc. plus something new, see above :)
My beauty goodies. Top photo shows the box sets - a lovely over-whelming amount! Bottom row shows individual pieces I received and a lovely new glass jar for my cotton wool.
The Paul & Joe box set contained the adorable blusher stick, I had to take a photo before I start to use it. 
Lovely pieces of jewellery
I've been desperately meaning to collect theses tea tins for years, James has now started the ball rolling!
The items that could have easily appeared in either of my younger cousins present pile but were instead in mine!

Many books and many CDs - I honestly believe at Christmas you should received at least one book, one cd, one dvd and one game! Although I did receive multiple! 
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Now I hope everyone received what they wished for whether it was material goods or just to spend time with friends and family, I was very fortunate to do both. 

The new year is approaching rapidly, with my Grandad's funeral on the 31st I think rather than going for a night out I'll be spending the 31st reflecting, I've already been thinking about what I want from the new year, I'll be trying to focus on small, positive changes rather than large, sweeping ones. 

Time for me to change my nail varnish and rip open Minecraft. Happy Holidays! 


  1. You got some amazing films!!

    1. I think this years dvd/blu haul was perfect for me, a nice mix. Even though I buy a ton myself I always love receiving a load at crimbo! xx