Wednesday 4 December 2013

nails inc - Limited Edition - Best Dressed Nails Set

nails inc - Limited Edition - Best Dressed Nails Set

I have gone a bit nail varnish mad recently, not only did I get the Ciaté mini mani month advent calendar but I also had to pick up this set from nails inc. This set is gorgeous and the packaging is lovely which would make it a perfect Christmas gift. Saying that I had to have it beforehand, the colours are rather festive and my plan was/is to wear each week on the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately my nails are in critical condition along with the skin around my hands which is why I had to use a plastic nail wheel to demonstrate the colours. 

Colours included in the set, from left to right of the wheel above are:

Old Street – rainbow glitter polish
Westminster Bridge Road – new Galaxy polish
Hampstead Court - silver hologram fibre optic
Regents Park – red glitter polish
Kings Road –  foil effect polish

These are all miniatures but I'm not sure what most people are like but I rarely use up full size pots, I'd say you'd easily get 5 wears out of each pot, depending on nail length.

I have to say my favourite(s) has to be the Old Street for a full on Christmas nail, Hampstead Court just because the fibre optic effect is fantastically, colourfully illuminous and the Kings Road a gorgeous rose gold foil effect which is perfect for any time of the year, these three will definitely be purchased in full, if possible! 


  1. Omg are amazing, here in Argentina is very hard found nails polish like these :(

    Kiss, Nati

    1. That's such a shame! The nails inc stuff is always amazing! xx

  2. Hey! You are really pretty and your blog was awesome! Wanna follow each other anyway? Just let me know and I will follow you back. Thankiss.. xx