Monday 2 December 2013

KIKO - Twinkle Eye Pencil - 06 Hypnotic Starry Black

KIKO - Twinkle Eye Pencil - 06 Hypnotic Starry Black £6.90

I am finally getting around to trying some of the items mum purchased for me at a KIKO store back in October. Unfortunately that has meant she has travelled back to Portugal (and near another KIKO store) before I had a chance to prepare another list. I thought it wouldn't matter, I can wait until next year but after trying out this eye liner I will be sending her a text asking her to pick up this eye pencil in all other colours. Let me tell you why.

It is perfect. I've always been an eye liner person so I know my class from my crap. This pencil reminds me of the practically perfect Benefit BADgal liner just at a fraction of the cost. This pencil glides across the skin like butter yet when it comes to removing it you will need to use a remover. I was impressed with how easy it was to create a thin, neat line as pictures in the collage show, but as you can see below you can also use it for a full on thick line with a flick.

Saturday I wore it for 9 hours before removing it. Now this is where the only issue I have with it comes into play, you may have noticed there is a bit of sparkle, as is the nature of the pencil, and as always glitter is a bit of a pain to remove but at least it doesn't spread whilst you're wearing it. I find this black version to be more of a very dark grey, a very small difference I know, the sparkly effect is beautiful and subtle, even though it takes effort to remove.

A relatively low cost eye pencil for the quality. Time for me to stock up, hopefully my mum will be passing the KIKO store again before coming home.

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