Monday 23 December 2013

Too Faced - Glitter Glaze in Silver Spark

Too Faced Glitter Glaze in Silver Spark £18.00

I love entering competitions, I always enter any competitions I see for things I would like, I used to ignore any mention of competitions under the belief that it would never be me but after being off work long term due to illness I start to pay more attention to them. So I now know this time of the year is bliss for competitions as loads of places offer Advent style competitions, i.e. a prize a day. Now I haven't won much, only the one thing, but it was one thing I was very excited to try and all thanks to BeautyBay I got the chance to do so.

For years I've been all about gold, silver was on the back seat, silver had been my staple in the 90's, whether it was jewellery or make-up but in recent years I've stocked up on gold, make-up, jewellery and clothing. Although after reading the Silver Edition post on Makeup by Candlelight I had the urge to go back to silver.

Now with this product in particular I think whether you love it will depend on what you want from it. It is a glaze so the colour is a nice transparent, shimmering silver. Although if you want it slightly more intense you can build on the colour, I usually find liquid type eyeshadow can spread when you try to add more layers but this product doesn't, instead it dries but doesn't crumble. My first coat was a light sheen but I was able to add another for a slightly more intense look. With a touch of mascara I had a nice, light sparkly daytime to night look, I'd forgotten how well silver works with blue eyes.

My eyes don't usually look that blue, they've become dull with age, the weather is so miserable it was hard to get decent natural light! 
I've found this product lasts, it doesn't fade even with it drying and because it does dry it doesn't lead to accidental smudging. I'm very impressed with this, in fact I might have to pick up the gold too! 

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  1. Really so so pretty! Absolutely love that effect!