Friday 6 December 2013

Life Update - Savvy Christmas Shopping + Fitness Review

Well I hope everyone is well, I've had a super busy, super tiring week and although I've got a lipstick I'd like to review, my life is taking over right now as I'm going out tonight! Unfortunately it will be an evening of diet coke rather than my usual cider/gin and tonic/red wine/snakebite and black/brandy/sparkling wine/vinho verde - NOT in one go. Of course I am hoping everybody else will drink and make a fool of themselves in the spirit of Christmas. I'm digressing from the subject, let's start with Christmas shopping.

Although I do like to shop I do consider myself a savvy shopper, I have a good idea of the price of things and usually keep an eye out for a great deal. I think us ladies have a natural talent for it, my partner however is terrible, he doesn't even buy multi buys in supermarkets on items we use a lot. However he has been super impressed with the goodies I've managed to pick up for myself, mainly for free.

Black Friday was pretty amazing for Christmas shopping albeit avoiding the bedlam of going to actual shops many online shops had great deals too. It wasn't just Black Friday that impressed me though, I received an email from The Hut Group thanking me for being a great customer as I'm sure a lot of people will have done. I know most offers I receive by email can be pretty feeble but this email was full of amazing deals. Let's go through them;

To start with I managed to bag myself some Sleep-In Rollers (RRP around £30), I had these on my Christmas wishlist but I managed to get them for free. Okay not completely free but I ordered an OPI nail set that I was already planning to get for my Aunt, £11.86 was my total spend at HQ hair. I know some freebies are pointless, but getting something I actually wanted, well I didn't believe it until they arrived.

Next up I went to Beauty Expert, the offer was a free Mavala complete nail care kit with any order, again I didn't get too excited until it arrived. So more Christmas shopping, my Mum was after an eyebrow gel, she really one with a slight tint so I think I've found the perfect present with the Lord & Berry glacee eyebrow gel Fixer. This came with another free Lord & Berry Posh fragrance and a cosmetics bag. I was just expecting a sample but this is actually 20ml! Now I bought a few other gifts my total spend was £30.50 goodies total was £58.75! Fabulous freebies! The Mavala nail care set is gorgeous, the bag looks incredibly luxurious and the goodies inside will take care of my poorly nails.

Now I have to admit to being a little bit naughty. The offer was buy any Lord & Berry product and you get the perfume and cosmetics bag free. I LOVE this perfume and I realised my Mum would love it too. It's a very adult, warm scent, Sandalwood and Bergamot. I went back to the website to buy this perfume but they don't sell it. The offer was still there for the free perfume so I decided to buy another Lord & Berry product to get the free perfume, I spent £3! I feel completely cheeky but I really wanted to keep the perfume for myself but I also wanted one for my mum, however, if they had spotted my cheekiness and just sent me the pencil sharpener I would have given my bottle as I love giving surprise, amazing presents and she will really love this.

Next up Clinique. I've finally treated myself to a chubby stick, when I looked in store I couldn't find a colour I liked for my lips but online I've found mega melon which is a gorgeous daytime lippy. I also really wanted to try the chubby stick for eyes so I've gone for lot's of latte for me and fuller fudge for mum. As I spent over £50 I got a pair of nail varnishes for free, I've never had a nail varnish from Clinique so I'm looking forward to trying them.

Okay not a freebie but I stocked up on goodies from Lazy Oaf as they were offering 50% off, I had to show off these cute socks. I won't show the rest of my goodies but I did get James an amazing t-shirt and myself a couple of baseball tops I'd been eyeing for a while!

Now to skip away from the shopping (I've done much more) my pedometer arrived this week and boy was I eager to try it! I had it on at work from Tuesday onwards, this week I wanted to try and work out my average just for now with the eventual goal of hitting 10,000 steps per day. I have to show off today's total, I'll be walking to the bar and back so I'm going to beat my eventual goal! I told you I'd been busy today.

If only I could celebrate with a glass of something that would make me feel warm and fuzzy!

As usual I'm now running late, I have 20 minutes to dry my hair, throw on some make-up and get my bag together, wish me luck! 

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