Tuesday 10 December 2013

Clothes Show Live: Models Own Goody Bag

A complete overview

For years I've wanted to go to the Clothes Show Live, I used to watch it when it was on TV with my mum when I was little but in all those years in-between I have never once managed to get to the actual exhibition. Last year I  thought 2013 would be the year, In 2012 I was recovering from having an embolisation, lost a load of weight, was due to get out of debt so 2013 was going to be the prime year. I actually ended up ill again, off work for months and in hospital for surgery so needless to say this didn't happen.

So why have I got this goody bag you might ask?

From top to bottom: A selection of accessories; thee eye liner pencils, 1 brow, 1 black & 1 black AND sparkly; a gorgeous lipstick in coral

I asked a friend! My friend diligently goes each year with her sister. I knew she always hit the Models Own stall. This is one in many she visits but it was the one I primarily wanted. Like the Clothes Show Live, Models Own has been one of those meaning to things in my life. I had meant to try their nail varnish for years, I finally did this year, then I had the lip-stix, well I quickly fell in love so even though I wasn't going to the event I was determined to have a goody bag. My friend did amazingly well, not only did she pick it up for me but she also chose some absolutely amazing colours with the nail varnishes - I think I'll be slapping on Pinky Brown for wearing to work, well it is the time of the year you can sparkle in the work place.

From left to right: Powder Eyeshadow in Gold & Gold Sparkle; nail varnish in Prussian Blue (so excited about this one!), Pinky Brown & Jade Stone; finally a Clothes Show Live special colour in Show Stopper 2

Right now I feel like it's Christmas already but hopefully next year I'll be picking it up myself! 


  1. Aw, your nail polish is so lovely!

    1. I really can't wait to try it out but I have so many new polishes right now! xx

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