Saturday 25 April 2015

Lady Heyes Shopping Trip April 2015

Last weekend I had a fantastic trip out with an old friend from school. I'd been to Lady Heyes before and knew it would be something she would enjoy. I was also eager to go again, it's such a great place for picking up vintage items at a reasonable cost, plus there is a fantastic second-hand book shop as well as a candle shop. You've pretty much got everything you need there, including a cafe with fantastic frangipane.

There are so many photos so I'll cut a few in, but here are photos of my shopping spree last weekend!

I love West German pottery from 60s/70s so I paid a little more for this item as I really wanted it, at £12.00 it still wasn't exactly breaking the bank, plus this Scheurich vase really fits in with my orange/brown (eventual) kitchen colour scheme. 

It was a toss up between a complete coffee set for £8.00 or this for £4.50, I loved the design of this and was worried about the quality of the other set. I don't regret my decision as this Arklow Stardust coffee pot is just a beautiful design. 

This was a simple decision, at £3.00 it was super cheap and I like owls. The one thing that I'm not great at is saving money! 

The rest is after the cut....

This was more of a practical buy, I like to treat myself to flowers so the more vases the better. This was an easy decision as green is my favourite colour and at £3.00 it was a great price. 

I've forgotten the price of this tray but it was around the £6.00, I have a lot of barware and this tray will sit nicely with my sets. 

These plates were in the bargain bin at 50p each, I'd been meaning to pick up a selection of random plates to use under plant pots and candles. I had thought I'd pick up an odd one at a time but at 50p I had to pick up multiple plates in one go. 

Another cheap purchase, I have a lot of Hornsea Bronte stuff for my (eventual) kitchen, these were just a couple of quid as they're missing their lids but I'll make use of them, possibly even to grow cress out of - somehow that seems like an appropriate use.

For some reason I saw this and those I must by this flower clip to wear in my hair, I don't know when but the urge just felt right for £2.99.

A very random selection of postcards - 3 for £1.00 and the next few photos are of records I purchased for £2.00 each.

Getting close to the end, a selection of fabulous books from Cheshire Books, £2.00 each.

The Decorating Book has some fantastic ideas in so I forked out £4.00 for it, hopefully to be used in conjunction with The House Book. 

Finally, I can't resist a candle shop. I'm not a Yankee Candle devotee but I do like to buy the odd melt or sampler votive candles, all fairly summery fresh scents. I have so many of these that I never get round to using so I'm hoping having a dedicated glass for the candles to sit in will encourage me to use them. I may have to tidy my rooms first!

Another vintage shopping haul, I plan to save a little money next month although if there is something on in town there is no way I'd be able to resist! 


  1. My gran had those Hornsea Bronte pots, took me straight back to my childhood seeing them. Shame the lids weren't with them - I recall them being wooden? - but like you say they're perfect for growing cress out of.

    1. They are wooden, I get the feeling I have some tucked away anywhere as I tend to buy the odd bit of the Hornsea Bronte stuff as I can't commit to one range from Hornsea, most of their stuff makes me weak at the knees which isn't a good way to be around crockery.

  2. I love the coffee pot! Great buy, love vintage items.