Friday 3 April 2015

Wardrobe Updates - April 2015

Well in a very optimistic fashion I have updated my wardrobe with items I could only wear in warmer weather. Yes, it has been snowing, hailing, raining, incredibly windy and the temperature has dropped, but it will pick up soon, it really will!

In my defence there are a few items that were low stock so I had to buy them now or I'd lose out, I also think I've been very reasonable only picking a few pieces. The sad news is I only managed to pick up one item from my 70s lust list, I stalled over the platforms (can I really walk in them?) the space dye top went out of stock and the skirts I wanted to wait until I was back up and running (and my hips are under more control therefore making the skirts not as short). So what did I get? In short, oodles of goodies but photos are more descriptive.

Topshop Daisy High Neck Shell Top £32.00
Topshop Ribbed High Neck Top £12.00 - the link leads to a white version as
I actually got the last of this colour in any size! 

 The rest of the goods are after the cut...

Topshop Ribbed Funnel Neck Top £14.00
New Look Tall Printed Scoop Neck £9.99
First & I Stripe Midi Skirt £18.00 (bought from ASOS)
Monki Jersey Pleated Skirt £25.00 (bought from ASOS)
Truffle Collection Lizzy Woven Sandals £26.00 (bought from ASOS)

A mixture of goods, mainly retro. The Topshop tops are all 70s inspired, and can be both casual and smart, once the warm weather arrives. I would have picked up more of the ribbed funnel neck tops in different colours but they're selling out pretty fast.

The skirts are more for work, I love pleats and both will be worn with smart t-shirts. I love the navy and white striped skirt from First & I as it contains pockets, these don't show as the skirt is structured. The Monki skirt is on the thin side so I'll be wearing with a slip, but it is worth it as the skirt is fairly light, airy and stretchy.

The top from New Look is simply a casual, wear with jeans, update to my wardrobe but I also think it will work nicely with the sandals from Truffle. I don't wear leather so whenever I see something synthetic, retro and in my size I go wild. I've had a number of pairs of boots from Truffle that have seen me through winter, now, hopefully, these sandals will do the same for summer.

I don't plan on picking anything else up this month, I also plan to stay away from picking anything up in May, if I can resist, I'm not known for my willpower when it comes to shopping!

Have you picked up anything this month or have plans to? 


  1. Some great buys from Topshop!

    1. I just can't wait for the weather to be warm enough to wear them! xx