Saturday 21 June 2014

Barry M Nail Paint - Limited Edition - Seaside (Superdrug)

Now every so often, after a particularly rough day at work I do like to go to Superdrug afterwards for a little treat, which I did last Friday. Now the item I'm talking about today worked out for free as you could get one of their limited edition nail paints for free when spending £6 on any other Barry M products, which I did - more on those in another post - but you can pick this up for the standard £3.99 if you didn't want anything else from the Barry M collection - yeah, right! Like that would ever happen!

Gosh, darn it Barry M, I love you! Born the same year as me and still creating quality products that don't cost a fortune - also managing to remain youthful which of course I'm also doing. Which is also why I love the limited edition colours out this summer, they're fun, bright and youthful, I plan on collecting them all but I've started with this one, Seaside.

A beautiful, beach blue, like the stunning waters of the Azores this nail varnish is a luscious turquoise shade with a hint of sparkle. I love this colour, I find blue-green can be both fun but smart.  I find it applies easily, smoothly and dries in a not overly speedy but as could be expected amount of time, 15-30 minutes depending on what you wish to do with your fingers!

I always find that Barry M nail paint lasts slightly longer than average compared to other nail varnishes of this price range, and even those slightly more costly. I really wasn't let down with this shade either - although I find those with tiny particles in tend to last longer anyway. When it came to removing it this came off like a standard nail varnish which is remarkable as it does have tiny bits of glitter in - I find usually this makes it either impossible to remove or the sparkle spreads all over my fingers - neither happened here.

So this is one of four of the limited edition shades, there are 2 available in Superdrug and 2 in Boots. Both shops are offering one of them for free with any £6 spent on other Barry M products, of course you can just buy them but where's the fun in that? *insert sly "I know I'll justify buying other items just to get the free nail varnish even though it makes no economical sense" smile here*


  1. Going to buy makeup after rough day, perfect idea..
    I really like the color you got
    I am inviting you to enter my 50 euro Divissima giveaway
    Keep in touch

    1. Cheers Sweetie! I'm fortunate that there aren't that many shops in my town otherwise I'd be well and truly bankrupt this week! xx