Friday 13 June 2014

What's in My Birchbox? June 2014 - World Cup Special

Yes, that's right, World Cup Special, okay in a kind of loose way the theme is called global strikers (nothing to do with industrial action) so we have a variety of products from different countries (or at least part of a Brazilian themed collection) - you'll see what I mean after the cut. This is the most excited I'll be about football - to be honest the only sport I can bring myself to watch is Ice Hockey (it is VERY exciting) although I do hope the World Cup is fun, exciting but overall friendly - I know I'm sounding completely daft now so let's move on to the contents of my Birchbox...

So what did I get? as usual, after the cut!

BeautyBlender + BlenderCleanser Solid full size (Full Size: from £16)
Now I've tried and loved plenty of the budget versions of the beautyblender so I haven't really felt the need to splash out on the full price version but this doesn't mean I'm not excited to try it. One of the amazing things is that it comes with a blender cleanser as I've struggled keeping the other ones clean so with this I'm going to make the effort.

Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical Lipstick Marron Glace 3.5g (Full size: Introductory Price £9.90 for 3.5g)
Yves Rocher is a brand I've rediscovered recently having made my first order ever a couple of weeks back having only ever tried the products my mum ever had. Now apart from nail polish my first order didn't include make-up so I'm pleased to have received this lipstick. It's a slick, sheer neutral beige shade, the smell takes me back to the 90's for some reason!

I love OPI and I already have one of the mini Brazil collections which does include this shade, a milky neon orange, I'm not upset though, this shade was one of the main reasons I chose the collection I did so having another little pot is a bonus.

Korres Citrus Body Milk 50ml (Full size: £9.50 for 200ml)
I'm a big fan of Korres but haven't tried this product. To be honest I would have never picked this myself as I don't like the idea of citrus body milk but it smelts so rich and, well, sexy, it's so lovely. It's beautifully light to the touch and sinks into my skin easily. I think I'll end up saving this smaller version for my next holiday and pick up the full sized version to use now!

Caudalie Vinoperfect SPF15 Day Perfecting Fluid 10ml (Full size: £38 for 40ml)
I've had quite a few products from Caudalie recently so I wasn't overly excited to see the name but when I realised the type of product it was I perked up a little.This day perfectly fluid has and SPF of 15 so perfect for the recent bout of warmer weather - although not quite enough for bathing. It really applies smoothly and smells beyond luxurious. Now I'd like to pick up the full version although I think I'll have to save quite a few pennies first so it might have to wait until the new year instead!

Lifestyle Extra

Birchbox Brazil Inspired Keyring

A bit of a fun extra, a flip-flop keyring, now it won't go on my keys but it will serve a purpose - I'm going to keep it on my bedside table to inspire me to save a little bit of money and lose a few lbs so that I can treat myself to a sunny holiday later in the year.

Another great boxes, a lot of old favourites here but mainly new products so I'm super happy! 

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