Saturday 28 June 2014

Lush Lipstick in Decisive

I love Lush, most people do although I know plenty of people find the shops overwhelming - as do I! Sometimes it's hard to focus with so many delicious products which is one of the reasons why this is my first piece of make-up from them. I received this at Christmas but have only just started to wear it, of course Lush products are really very natural and have a use by date - fortunately I have a few more months to go with this but I must remember in future that I don't have to save everything for best. 

The bottle reminds me of the bottle Alice drinks in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ironically when drunk Alice shrank but this lipstick is very bold, out there and larger than life. Decisive is a bold, glorious, Hollywood red so bright red with a somewhat pink side to it. There is an absolute wow factor here as this colour really stands out and makes my lips look incredibly full. 

The texture is strange to apply, the applicator is like that of a lip gloss but it's really like applying a broken up lipstick rather than a gloss, in a way it feels like you're applying velvet to your lips as it is so soft. You do have to be careful as this is a strong shade and it's so easy to accidentally get it all over the place so apply with extreme caution. Once on I find it best to blot which I find makes it last an amazingly long time, plus it stains the lips slightly which for me is a preference. There is no strong scent/taste which is quite unlike Lush but really what you want from something you wear on the lips. 

 Now the bottle isn't the easiest thing to carry around but overall this product is a winner and I will be picking up more shades in the future, as long as I can decide which shade to go for next! 


  1. i really need to try this baby
    happy weekend

  2. I shall try this.. I never know Lush has lipstick.. all along i thought they only have skincare stuff.. thanks for sharing.. :D

    p.S. Folllowing you on GFC and Bloglovin too. Keep in touch ya.. xoxo
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    1. They haven't had make-up up forever but it has been around for the last few years - just can't remember how long exactly! Looking forward to picking up more from their range though! xx

  3. Great shade. Looks lovely on you!