Tuesday 10 June 2014

LAYLA Cosmetics Ceramic Sorbet Effect Nail Polish, Soft Fruits Number 103

Now the name of this nail varnish is a bit of a mouthful but I couldn't find the best way to shorten it, Layla are an Italian brand I love, their price fluctuates quite a bit on Amazon but you can sometimes pick them up for a bargain price. Plus they have a wide range of colours and styles.

This style comes from their ceramic range, it has tiny white particles giving a rough, snowflake effect. The colour here is a soft lilac a really beautiful purple pastel colour. The same range also offers various other pastel colours, from blue to pink and what will possibly be my next purchase, peach.

I really love this brand, it's good quality at a cheap price. It applies smoothly, two coats offers strong coverage. It dries relatively quickly, touch-proof within 15 minutes and sleep-proof within an hour. as usual I didn't bother with a top coat (I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to top coats) but it made no difference, this is a rather tough nail varnish and lasted for four days, until I removed it, without chipping. Really not bad for under a fiver!

This brand is really worth search Amazon for, they can sometimes be picked up for as little as £2.


  1. Love this nail polish! So cute.

    1. I know, I can't wait to try the peach one out! xx

  2. it looks fruity :) lasted 4 days , thats a lot..
    Keep in touch,

    1. I don't think I've had any other last as long without a top coat! xx

  3. Love the shade,its so pretty
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