Tuesday 3 June 2014

Lipstick Queen - Endless Summer in Stoked

First a confession, I totally broke my beauty buying ban to pick up this lipstick (and a few other things) but I don't feel guilty. I've fallen in love with Lipstick Queen this year so I couldn't resist and I can't wait to pick up more from the brand but I'll at least be patient until the next season.

Stoked is from their Endless Summer range, the name itself refers to the 60's surfer documentary The Endless Summer although even if you don't know this documentary you can guess that this range has a full on summery feel which is what I couldn't resist.

It's a gorgeous, lustrous, pale pink lipstick, it's a very glossy sheer shade which is light on feel but not on colour. There is almost a glow to the pink, like there is a slight hint of orange to it making it more of a coral, it really does just feel like a summer shade - one that would be just as suited to the beach as it would a night out. Not only is this lipstick moisturising but it also offers protection from the sun. This does also mean that not only does it look summery but it smells (you could say tastes) summery.

It feels sheer but there is some colour which does mean it stains slightly adding to its longevity, you'll want to keep applying more every few hours to keep up the protection but you'll never be without colour.

An absolutely stunning lipstick, not only a fun colour but offering protection from the sun and hassle free, when the sun is shining you just want to slick something on quickly and get out there, with this you certainly can. 


  1. Bury buying ban, so hard
    It's a really pretty color , no wonder you broke the van to buy it
    Keep in touch

    1. I can honestly say there is a 95% chance I break the ban this weekend too! I would say I'm hopeless but at least I'm not buying something new every week! xx