Saturday 8 November 2014

NARS And God Created The Woman Palette Review

NARS And God Created The Woman Palette £35.00 exclusive to Space.NK (or Sephora in the U.S.)

I found it very hard to resist this palette, I picked it up in a pre-Christmas Space.NK splurge last month. Having only owned one NARS eyeshadow before, and loved it, I was determined to pick up another one, or two, or three. It's just so hard to choose, so many fantastic shades so which to go for? Well, this palette, with six travel sized eyeshadows was ideal, not only that but it also includes a travel sized Pro Prime, Smudge Proof, Eyeshadow Base and a Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush, It still might not appear to be the bargain of the century to all but NARS eyeshadows are high quality so if you are looking to experiment with NARS a palette like this is an excellent introduction - it would also make a perfect Christmas gift.

I don't always play it safe but I do go for brown shades 8 out of 10 times, it suits my eye colour and you can pretty much make it work with everything, day or night, any situation. This palette has a perfect mix of shades to work with, There are two intensely shimmery shades, a light rose gold and the other a glistening bronze, there are two matte browns with just a hint of sparkle, one a beige and the other a rich dark brown - almost black, the other two shades are both very glittery, one is a red-brown and the other is black. All shades work both separately and together, depending on the look you wish to go for.

A couple of basic looks;

A lighter daytime look using the light glistening shades and the matte beige brown, then a rich dark brown lining the lower lashes. 
Again using the rose gold all over and topping up with the beige all over the lower lid and the rich dark brown in the creases. Lined with eyeshadow underneath and gel liner along the top lashes.

Now the two above are quite similar but with different styles, the top is more eyshadow heavy but also a lighter daytime look whereas the one below is lighter with the eyshadow but with the liner it makes it a stronger look. There are so many combinations of shadow you can use, you can use just a shimmering eyeshadow or go full on dark brown.

So far I've used it most days, I've been busy recently so it has been handy to just have this one set to go for. When I only have a minute to do my make-up I just use one of the shimmery shades with a lick of mascara, if I have five minutes I'll use a shimmery shade, the beige and the rich dark brown to line. The size is perfect, it's handbag size but it doesn't feel like it will run out anytime soon, even with heavy usage.

I love NARS and although I've already picked this up for myself, I will be adding a few other NARS products to the top of my Christmas wish list, hint hint! 

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