Monday 24 November 2014

Sunday Weekly Weigh-in: Just Pretend it's Sunday Today

Okay another week, another week where I'm late but at least I am posting this week. It's been another quick, weird week where I've felt like I've been running around at a 100 miles per hour to get things done. I'm still visiting my dad some evenings but not each - Samhain got himself in another bad fight which meant another trip to the vets! He's healing well and is currently lying next to me, trying to stay awake, I give it five minutes until he has a full on snore.

I've felt like I've been grabbing things on the run but I've made more of an effort this week when I am about in the evenings. We do have to make our way through our freezer - as always it feels like we have everything apart from one key ingredient to make the meal, will have to be more inventive this week. My lunch is a bit boring and light, I'm having a sandwich with just fake meat - I hate having anything too soggy in my sandwich unless I'm eating it straight after. In summer my salad was huge and possibly around the same amount of calories - along with fruit and yoghurt, it's about the same calories as my sandwich but the sandwich is gone in a few bites! While everything is so hectic I'll stick with the sandwich but I will go back to salads pretty soon, by the New Year anyway.

I have carried on with my 5x5 training, I'm doing that three times a week, I haven't been able to keep set days as it's never 100% sure when I'll visit dad but as long as I have a day off in-between I'll be fine. Slowly increasing the weight I'm lifting but still making sure I take it slowly, keep the correct posture and don't strain anywhere.

I've been trying with my steps, I've found that I've still not been paying as much attention but I have been keeping tabs - just not as often.

I've hit 10,000 on one day, been slightly under, around 200 under, on two days and then fairly low the rest of the week but it's an improvement.

Short Term Goals
I want to aim to get my Mon-Fri steps up to 10,000 - although I do have a couple of short work weeks to try and get on top of Christmas stuff, and get in the mood. I know we've had such a crappy years but I'm trying to make the last month as good as it can be, I want to be positive for dad, gran, my cousins, my mum and my aunt. I'm just tired so the short work weeks will be very welcome.

Long Term Goals
I want to drop a dress size by next March. Then a holiday, with a new holiday wardrobe. At least a long weekend away.


  1. I know what you mean about boring lunches - I'm going to look into soup in a thermos, might be more satisfying than a sandwich during the colder months :) How's you dad doing now ? xx

    1. I might start taking in soup myself to work, or I could try and fight to use our one microwave! The canteen does soup but as I don't know all the ingredients I wouldn't want to make a guess at calories as they could be anywhere between 100-500! The more I think about it the better taking in my own soup sounds. I need to get myself a flask though!

      He is making some progress, still in the neurological rehabilitation centre learning to walk, see, talk again, starting to be awkward which I think might be mainly his old ways. Not sure when he'll be out as he still needs a lot of help. Thank you for asking Cheryl. xx

  2. Oh no poor kitty! Mine's been in the wars lately too they are trouble!

    1. It's always such a worry, he's so scabby now but when he strolls in, ripped to shreds, he hasn't a care in the world - unless he is limping, then he has a sad face. I'm just worried sick all the time! Hopefully both our cats will calm down a bit, I just want a calm and peaceful Christmas this year! xx