Sunday 30 November 2014

Samhain's Catnip Review: Happy Pet Pressed Catnip Leaf

I love to spoil my cat Samhain. I adore finding new items for him to try when it comes to toys and treats, I love getting him the Cat Hampurr but I also like to seek out new things for him myself. I've already stocked up on some amazing treats for Christmas including the product we're reviewing today, I just had to buy two so I could try one out immediately.

Now how cats react to catnip vary but there is an obvious difference between good and bad catnip. Samhain "plays" with catnip in a different way to other cats I have known, rather than throwing it around like confetti and rolling in it he prefers to eat it. This is quite normal and perfectly safe but his reaction to it is usually to mellow out rather than get hysterical and jumpy.

Today we've been playing with.....

Happy Pet Pressed Catnip Leaf
I had wondered if there was a product like this out there when I realised he liked to ingest it, he loves just normal catnip leaves but he can have too much of a good thing and in what could be considered a rock 'n' roll move he ended up puking it up in my mums shoe after over indulging. We're careful to limit it but it's hard to tell what the limit is which is why this pressed catnip leaf is ideal.

Full review including a video is after the cut....

This product was strong enough for the scent to penetrate the packaging and Samhain was getting super excited about it. In fact he started by licking the packaging while I examined the product. Once I gave it to him he was all over it, licking it, biting it, rubbing himself against it, pulling it about.

           Stare.......                                                                                     Lick........
I did think it would break down when he started to bite it but it actually stayed solid which was really impressive, it also meant he didn't have too much of a good thing.

Better still, here is a quick video of Samhain's first impression on the pressed catnip;

He wasn't happy when I started to move it away from him but I had to after a while. I left it on our bedside table which meant he was milling around, craning his neck to try and reach his new catnip treat.

Reasoning with him to give it a break

Overall I'm impressed and so is Samhain, this is a new way for him to enjoy the pleasures of catnip without it going all over the place.

I picked this up at my local pet shop for a reasonable £1.99

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