Thursday 6 November 2014

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Polish in Red Zin Review

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Polish in Red Zin £6.99 for 14.7ml

I'm rather nostalgic about Sally Hansen, it reminds me of childhood, my mum loved the brand. We used to pick it up whenever we went on holiday to Florida (we traveled around the state quite a bit), we would go into Eckerds (like a giant Superdrug), everything seemed so exotic as the layout was different to pharmacy's in the UK, make-up was set out differently and Sally Hansen felt like the in thing, specially when it was pretty rare in the U.K. Now I know the basic, clear nail varnishes have been commonplace in the U.K. for years but until recently I haven't seen a selection of all the shades. Roll back a month or so ago and my local Superdrug had a new addition, a huge selection of Sally Hansen in a magnificent amount of colours.

Now I knew I had to pick one up but what to go for? Well, with Autumn rolling round I decided to try and find a perfect dark red. Now this wasn't the only one to choose from, this was one of three, so why did I go for this one? Random choice, I had to pick before the shop closed so this was the one I went for.

Red Zin, possibly a shortening of Zinfandel, a red wine, is a dark berry red, it's the sort of shade you long for in winter, it's a shade I longed for as a teenager, most people love a dark red.

The nail varnish applies evenly and smoothly, the brush is perfect - short and wide, I wish more brands had this type of brush as it really makes application easier. It takes a while to dry, I say a while but really it's an average amount of time - around 15 minutes, from the point of view of someone that is impatient with this type of thing.

It really is a gorgeous, glossy blood red shade, it's so perfect it makes the waiting for it to dry worthwhile. 

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