Sunday 30 November 2014

Sunday Weekly Weigh-in: It Really is Sunday

I'm pretty amazed I'm managing to post on time, I always mean to do this on Sunday but everything is everywhere at the moment. This week has been no better, to say it has been hectic is an understatement. I have got a couple of days off this week, Monday and next Friday so two long weekends to rest and get into a somewhat Christmas spirit.

I have to admit to some failings this week, I managed to do my 5 x 5 strength training on the Monday but not again in the week, I did it Saturday but this does mean I can't do it again until Monday.

I haven't done that much better with my steps, although not terrible apart from the days I've been at home, when I have been at work I've managed to do over 8,000. I'm typing this post in the morning, but by the end of Sunday (when I'll be posting this) I'm hoping to be at 5,000 steps, I'll just have to make the effort.

Food wise I've been a bit better than the week before but not ideal, it's so hard now that I'm not logging on MFP - this is something I will go back to when I have more time as it does really help me keep it all in balance. I had avocado and mozzarella salad for tea on Wednesday night and it reminded me that salad in the cold weather can still be lovely. I've also got frozen sprouts in the freezer as I just love them at this time of the year. Must pick up some kale too to go along with some Cauldron sausages, yummy!

On the plus side I did order my first £5 voucher from Bounts for Waitrose, it isn't much but it is something. If you do use something to track your activity like fitbit it's really worth signing up to Bounts as you earn points for your activity, it's all automated so I signed up, linked to my fitbit then forgot, it's been a few months but I've done nothing extra to earn the cash. If you fancy signing up if you use my referral code we'll both get 100 points.

Short Term Goals
An increase in steps next week and to workout three times, plus when I do work out I want be cranking up the weight that I'm lifting at the moment my top weight is 17kg but that is only with bent over rows.

Long Term Goals
To be closer to 70,000 steps each week. A couple of dress sizes down by March would be ideal.


  1. Well that still sounds like a pretty fabulous week to me ! :) Thanks for linking up xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I think we're always so much harder on ourself than we should be! xx