Thursday 26 June 2014

Lipstick Queen - Endless Summer in Hang Ten

Well a few weeks back I spent a lovely weekend in Chester. Chester is very fortunate to have a Space.NK and while I was there I knew I had to pick up a couple of more items from Lipstick Queen, which I did. One of the items I just allowed James to choose and the other was another pick up from the Endless Summer range, I already have and love Stoked

Now another thing that influenced the decision to buy this shade, it reminded me of MAC's Creme D'Nude, I can't argue that this is a cheaper dupe as it is more expensive but I loved the condition my lips feel with this lipstick and the shade is slightly more suitable for my skin tone even though the difference is minute. 

I loved the feel of Stoked, it felt and tasted like summer holidays and Hang Ten is no different. It was incredibly soft on the lips and moisturising which is what I wanted. Now this is a beige nude so you have to have your lips in good condition to wear it. Fortunately for such a pale shade I was happy that the coverage was even enough. 

This is a light colour that, in a way, acts like a highly pigmented tinted balm so you will find yourself needing to apply it a few times a day although there is always a little bit of shade left, I've never had it any other way with lipsticks as pale as this. 

It's a surprising versatile shade, perfect for a beach holiday on its own with loose hair and barely any other make-up or worn with heavy, black, 60's style eye make-up.

I absolutely adore Lipstick Queen and totally think it is worth spending a little bit more on these special lipsticks. 


  1. That color is perfect to wear during the day and each day of the week! good product!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

    1. I agree, Now I've reviewed it I feel like I can get on and wear it out! xx

  2. i like the swatch. it's a very flattering shade!

    1. Thank you sweetie, I hope so as I plan to wear it a lot! xx