Thursday 5 June 2014

Holiday Snaps: May/June Staycation!

I've been meaning to post my "holiday" snaps for some time, starting with my February trip to Manchester BUT I've lost my snaps which is upsetting, not that I took loads of photos but I doubt I'll get to see the band (Claudio Simonetti's) Goblin again. It doesn't take away the experience at least.

So no Manchester photos, but I have our staycation photos. Okay, it isn't as exciting but I haven't had a proper holiday in years so staycation is all I have to offer. Well, I do have a city break next week so I will hopefully have plenty of shots to show you then. Now I didn't take photos of us around the house on one of our many film marathon, well, not many, but we did go out for walks around town a couple of days out of the holiday so I'll focus on them.

Starting with a walk in the woods behind my house, getting to wear in my fairly new outdoor trainers.

As it gets rather photo heavy the rest are after the cut!

The view from the top of the hill

Looking down the rocks climbed

An inquisitive sheep

Recently the path has been done making it easier to walk through the woods even after it has been raining heavily

The roots of this tree are slowly growing out of the ground
 Now a day or so after we took a trip to the park along with a bad of seed to feed the ducks and geese.

Stroppy, marching Canada Geese

A Coot - I love their feet - it makes me want to call them skeletor

Gorgeous ducklings unfortunately all the scum will be down to uneaten bits of bread and other food in the water - I always try to feed them on dry land plus I tend to stick with seed and bags of duck feed from the local pet shop.
A beautiful tree in the park

The Beast joined in with our film marathon sessions - here he is watching The Bad Seed (1956)
All tuckered out - The End!

Well that is it, well, until my next trip away which is this weekend! Although you'll have to wait until I get around to sorting the photos! 


  1. Lost pics, that's really sad..
    But these pics are great too, pure natural beauty
    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you sweetie, I'm on a little weekend away right now so hopefully I'll have more holiday photos soon! xx

  2. WOW, these photos are all incredibly beautiful! :)


    1. Thanks sweetie! I sometimes forget but I do live in a beautiful town. xx