Tuesday 17 June 2014

What's in my Glossybox? June 2014

Now this month has moved fast and my trip to Chester has meant that I've felt out of sync so I certainly hadn't thought about any beauty boxes but it's that time again, today I received my Glossybox. Now I've felt a bit disappointed with them recently although loved last months theme, I just think they've had a hard time competing for my affection with Birchbox around, however, most of the contents I love this month and it's really nicely put together.

So what did I get? I won't ruin it for anyone that doesn't want to see so the contents of my box is featured after the cut.

nailgirls 3-in-1 Base & Topcoat + Nail Strengthener 10ml (Full size: £13.50 for 15ml)
Now colours are nice when receiving nail varnishes BUT a good clear coat is universally useful and I'm always happy to receive something from a new launch so I will be putting this to good use!

TeeezTrend Cosmetics Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush full size (Full size: €19)
Now this is a bit of a weird one for me, starting with the plus points, the packaging is beyond amazing, I love it, but sadly I don't like the fact that it is made out of natural hair. It's goat hair which makes me feel uneasy as I don't know whether it was humanely removed from a live goat (unlikely), I don't wear wool, leather, etc. so I'm going to have to chuck this away which is a shame because the packaging really is special.

Embelleze Novex Brazilian Keratin 100g (Full size: £24.99 for 1kg)
I wasn't sure what on earth this product was when I spotted it in the box, first thought was that it was some weird tub of pills, fortunately it's a hair product, a gorgeous smelling one at that. It's a rather generous size at 100g, I can get many uses out of this their full size tub must be absolutely massive though! Although as with a lot of protein type hair products it does contain lactic acid.

So Susan Cosmetics Concealer Quad 4g (Full size: £16.95 for 4g)
I've been hearing good things about So Susan Cosmetics but this is the first item I've tried and it's a product I should have picked up a long time ago. Now I just use the singular colour concealer which is okay but it doesn't cover as effectively as a few different tones would do. This is where this quad steps in, making it easier to get a more even tone and better coverage.

Roger&Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau Fraîche Fragrance 10ml (Full size: £32.00 for 100ml)
This is a rather generous sample of a really beautiful, fresh but punchy scent. Something in it makes me think of blackcurrant for some reason but I think that could be the combination of fig and grapefruit. It's a really nice refreshing perfume perfect for summer.

Now although I was disappointed with the brush the So Susan quad and Roger&Gallet fragrance totally make up for it, this makes me a bit more positive and excited to see what I get in my Glossybox next month!


  1. The concealer quart looks promising
    Keep in touch

    1. I should have made use of it this week, my skin has been terrible! I might give it a go in the morning - if I'm running on time! xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's a shame about the brush but I'm looking forward to using the rest of it! xx

  3. That's kind of why I stopped getting the beauty boxes I kept getting duff products although you got some corkers this month! I do love a nosey to see what's in them though


    1. It's a shame you can't specify a bit more, until recently (there was a survey about a month ago that covered this a bit more) I was getting quite a few bits of fake tan which just isn't me. I think I'm going to give it a couple more months and see, £13 isn't a ton of money but it is money that could go elsewhere each month! xx

  4. the concealer quad seems really good. I wish there's glossybox where I'm from ^^ so I can only stalk other bloggers glossybox posts all the time lol. Thank you for sharing this post!