Thursday 12 June 2014

Yves Rocher Haul

You may have noticed I've not exactly been perfect when it comes to my beauty buying ban. I just can't resist a good offer or a sale - I have at least bought less this last month. When I saw the email from Yves Rocher mentioning up to 50% off on some items I just knew I had to browse, I hadn't thought about Yves Rocher since my teenage years but after receiving a sample of their So Elixir Purple sample last year I fell in love.

On top of the great offers they were also offering free gifts when spending over a certain amount, I ended up spending £36.10 which meant I could choose 2 gifts which I will show in a separate photo. So what did I get?

Okay, now to list it, I went for a lot of hair products, although one of the shampoos isn't for me - my partner tries all the stimulating shampoo I can lay my hands on! I have a styling spray too, plus some face products and of course nail varnish which I'm sure I'll feature again!

Now the gifts I received were the Monoï sarong, monoï de Tahiti shower gel 150ml - which smells heavenly and summery, summer tankini and vanity bag. I chose them, it might seem a bit of a weird choice, I wouldn't actually wear the tankini to a beach, nor the sarong but I thought it would be fun and handy to have for those days when the sun does come out and decides to stay, we don't get many days like this which is why I don't have anything already but there are a few days where it gets so hot I just want to sit in the garden bathing - I might even have to buy a paddling pool now - I keep saying I'll do that too!

So that's it, I'm very happy with my haul, I'm sure I'll be buying more from them in the future, especially if they keep putting on offers and giving out free gifts! The one problem I did have, even though the order confirmation was in my name the package came addressed to my mother! I contacted them about this but still haven't had a response. 

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  1. Buying less in ban is good , I am sure I would have not cared th ban
    U got some really good deals
    Keep in touch