Saturday 30 August 2014

Barry M Natural Glow Palette Review and Swatch

I do feel greedy with the amount of eye palettes I have right now, I have all of the Barry M palettes, I haven't enough eyelids for all these shades but I can deal with it. I've had this palette itself for ages but the shades are more suitable for the colder weather so I've been holding off on reviewing it/using it.

Now although the theme of this palette is natural glow the browns in this are pretty dark, not a criticism but it has meant I've not really tried it until now. There is a lovely selection of shades of brown to use, combine, build with. A smoky night time look is just as easy as a basic light brown day look, the cream is good for highlighting under the brow and in the corners. The pink blusher is quite bright for me, a lighter version would be more suiting for me but it's easy to use sparingly and it also makes a nice eye shade or highlighter.

Each shade on my skin

I find even though the palettes are  low cost the eyeshadows are long lasting, they're easy to blend and smell perfectly fine. I would have loved these sets as a teenager, everything that was low cost back then seemed to either not last or smell really weird. Although I'm now in my thirties and have a bit more cash to spend on my make-up I really don't think I need to spend the extra money on eye palettes as this one does the job.


  1. Great review.. the palette looks really nice..

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  2. Such beautiful nuterals colors
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    1. I'm going to get lots of use out of this! xx

  3. Great colors.

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  4. Great Fall palette, love the colours!

  5. Great colors, I wanna try this palette too!