Saturday 9 August 2014

Samhain: The First Two Weeks

Daft face captured whilst filming him playing with his tickle stick - which he does love, you can't really tell that from this

Firstly, I can't believe it has only been two weeks, it feels like he has always been here. We still completely miss The Beast but Samhain gives us focus and of course he is completely different.

Now these two weeks have been busy, James and I were away for two nights, now my parents were still around but it was still a worry. Luckily he didn't feel abandoned and was happy to see us arrive home.

Samhain is affectionate and playful, he loves a kiss on his nose for some strange reason and needs plenty of playtime although he does sometimes get overexcited and bites - he is never truly aggressive, he calms right down when you back away. He has full run of the house and tends to sleep either on top of the mattress propped at the end of our bed or on top of the bed with us.

Now as I mentioned in my first post about him we did change his name but only because he immediately responded to it, Samhain, pronounced more like Sauin/Sow-inn. We have a fun little song and dance routine of me humming The Sweeney theme tune inserting Sauin-y in there for him to respond to. Of course 70's cop shows aren't his thing but I find it entertaining.

He loves it if I bend my knees when wearing a loose skirt for him to duck in and out of and even more amusingly he absolutely HATES 70's Nylon nighties - by this I mean he attacks them.

Speaking of clothing, my mum thought she was losing the plot as her tie-dye top kept making its way onto her bed from the window seat, then, one night he was caught, top in mouth and under him, against mums leg, thrusting. He has been thrusting on various bits of clothing every night since. Yes, he has been neutered but the will is still there, as is the willy. I might have to make him a special cushion but I can't work out if actually making one like another cat is just wrong or if a limbless black fluffy cushion is worse!

So now more photos, this post I'm dedicating to his fun, playful, daft face photos although I have plenty of elegant, gorgeous shots these are more fun - I will however start with one classy photo above, the rest will be playful!

A new toy for him to play with that I can dangle at a safe distance

He pulls at the tails of all the mice we have which is why he will be the first cat I've had that will be wearing a collar, a nice safe collar, not for style but to warn the birds and small animals that he is coming - he can fulfil his blood lust with my hands and possibly toes! 

This was on one of his first nights, he absolutely adores his Pollock as you can see from his 'I'm so happy' face.

and another with his Pollock, he's licking it like a lollipop before kicking the carp (not a typo, just a bad joke) out of it - I should point out that pollocks are part of the cod family and not carp, maybe I should have gone with kicking the Jackson out of it instead.

That's enough for now but expect there to be a whole lot more of him popping up in my posts - as long as he returns once we get to the point where we can let him out! 

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