Tuesday 12 August 2014

Mario Badescu Drying Mask Review

Mario Badescu Drying Mask £17.95 for 60ml

Now we all love a good face mask, not much beats sitting in a bath with a beautifully scented mask on to unwind after a hard day but this isn't that type of mask. This mask is much more of a treatment mask, it's here to do a task and it isn't tarted up.

Even the packaging says clinical, not that it isn't stylish, the font shows class and it's the type of product you'd want to see on your bathroom shelf. The product itself, well to look at it in the tub it looks rather like a nice mud mask, so somewhat like melted chocolate ice cream. The smell however is not at all chocolate like, it really does stink, you can guess it has some kind of sulphur in it - hence my face in the following photo.

You get used to the smell somewhat plus this isn't the type of mask you would apply all over your face, instead it is to be applied solely on the problem areas. Right now for me that is my nose and chin so that is where I've concentrated on. I left it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off, immediately my skin felt different, it felt dry without being tight, it felt soft. 

I continued to use this product for a three times a week over a three week period. I've noticed a subtle but impressive overall difference, my skin is drier which for me is great, I have rather oily skin, hormone problems don't help neither does the hot weather so this is what I want. My skin is still soft but not overly oily most of the time, I've had problems with blemishes thanks to tablets I've had to started to take again but overall my skin is looking clearer. I don't think I could ask for any more and will continue to be using this a couple of times a week. 

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