Saturday 7 February 2015

Models Own Sale Haul

I really went bonkers here, it was 50% off though! Time for me to chuck some of my old nail varnish to make way for my shiny new items. I was drawn in by their new chrome collection, I was quite reserved and only bought six out of ten, okay, that isn't reserved but they were only £2.50! There were also a few nail varnish shades I'd been drooling over for a while. Plus I had to get a new one of their lip-stix as for the money they're really quite special. One final item, another new mascara, I'm addicted to trying new mascaras, I find it hard to buy the same one twice! So what did I get? Everything is squished on a photo but I'm sure I'll feature swatches of them properly at a later date.

  1. Chrome Rose £4.99 - The first out of six of the Chrome collection items I purchased. The first three are all quite similar if you were to look at the bottle but the difference is enough to warrant buying them all. 
  2. Chrome Gold £4.99
  3. Chrome Olive £4.99
  4. Express Dry £2.50 - I can't find this on the website any longer so they were possibly selling these off, I'm never really convinced by these types of products but for £2.50 it was worth giving it a go as I hate waiting for my nails to dry. 
  5. Chrome Mauve £4.99
  6. Chrome Green £4.99
  7. Chrome Silver £4.99
  8. HyperGel Pitch Purple £4.99 - unbelievably I don't own all of their HyperGel collection already, this and the one below doubles my collection. 
  9. HyperGel Raven Red £4.99 - This is super dark, I can't wait to wear it.
  10. Beetlejuice Hayley's Comet £4.99 - I love the Beetlejuice collection so decided to add another to my collection
  11. Purple Grey £4.99 - a lovely, smart subdued shade, I plan to use this as an alternative to my usual weekday nude colours. 
  12. Paradise Garage £4.99 - a gorgeous, shimmery emerald green
  13. Vintage Pink £4.99 a gorgeous, muted dusky pink
  14. Grace Green £4.99 a grey, light green
  15. Lipstix in Very Berry £4.99 - I adore Models Own lipstix, they're such good value for money
  16. HyperEyes Lengthen & Curl Mascara £8.00 - I can't wait to get this on my lashes! 
I really can't wait to try these all out, I think with this haul I've got to put my beauty buying ban back on for the rest of the year as I have plenty of pieces to keep me going. I'm going to have to try out a nail varnish this weekend, doesn't matter that I'll be stuck in bed! 

Did anyone else pick things up from the Models Own sale? Anything caught your eye? 


  1. Replies
    1. It's hard to know where to start but I've already added the Vintage Pink to my toenails and the Chrome Rose to my fingernails but I'm desperate to try another shade out! xx