Tuesday 24 February 2015

What's in Samhain's Cat Hampurr? February 2015

Trying to open the box all by himself 
Well after Thursdays poo party it's nice to give Samhain a treat. although I'm pretty sure I was more traumatised than he was when he trotted in the house head to toe in excrement. The following faecal Benny Hill sketch wasn't much fun either but I adopted him knowing he might not be the easiest cat but I love him all the same. He certainly does keep my life that little bit more interesting. I think we were both ready for the Cat Hampurr, he loves his surprise boxes as much as I love mine.

Again he was clamouring to get into the box, literally, at one point I thought he would end up looking like something out of Minecraft, but he managed to keep the box off his head. Samhain went absolutely crazy and as soon as I saw the label on one of the items I knew why, Yeowww, he loves Yeowww catnip products so much, they send him crazy and make him drool his little face off.

Now this post is going to be full of photos and a video, I couldn't resist it as he was going loopy. Before we get to them I should mention what he received this month in his Valentine's box, so here goes.

Going, going,

Natures Menu Complete Wet Food x 3 100g
Samhain has had these pouches before and he wasn't overly keen, I think I was more disappointed than him as I always thought how good these looked, and I know other people with cats that love it. Samhain is rather fickle, his eating habits have changed so much in the short 6 months he has been with us so I'm happy to give it another go. We received, Beef with Chicken, Chicken with Salmon and Tuna, Chicken with Turkey.

Pets Kitchen Vets Kitchen Little Hearts Crunchy Chicken & Duck 60g & Pets Kitchen Vets Kitchen Little Hearts Game with Rabbit, Venison & Duck 60g
I'd like to think Samhain has a very good diet which is why I don't mind giving the odd treat or two. He does have daily treats mainly as he is a very sensible eater and a super active cat. However I do try and give him the better quality treats, when I say better quality I mean nutritionally superior than some. The Vet Kitchen treats fit into this category, we've had these before and he has enjoyed them so we're both happy to have both flavours in the snack bag!

Yeowww Hearrrt Attack Catnip Toy
Samhain was going crazy for his Cat Hampurr this month, it was hard to see what was in the box at first as Samhain was placing himself on top of everything. As soon as I spied the label I could see why. Yeowww make catnip toys that he goes cuckoo for, absolutely crazy. It's one of the few big brands that can make him this crazy. This completely made his weekend and feature in many of the videos, everything else could wait while he played.

Eden Pet Food Complete Dry Food multi meat & fish formula 100g
Like most cat owners I love to give my cat the very best. I try and avoid the bigger brands and aim for quality over saving money. I would prefer to spend more on his food than my own to be truthful and when it comes to meat products if I can find a company that is ethical then I will go for them. I hadn't heard of Eden Pet Food so I was excited for him to try this. After he'd calmed down with his Yeowww session I decided to let him have a little taste, he was really excited to try these, he gobbled them down as if they were treats. Now Samhain does like his biscuits but he does usually just eat a few at a time every couple of hours, much more sensible than myself! I've never seen him this excited so I'm really thinking it's worth making the investment to order these online for him, what my boy want he gets!

Jolly Moggy Woven Catnip Mouse
I felt sorry for the catnip, ordinarily Samhain would have gone bonkers for this but he is just totally obsessed with Yeowww products. This doesn't mean he doesn't like it, he does, he loves the texture and very much enjoyed being rubbed with it - he loves being rubbed on his face with catnip toys. Plus he tried to play with both of his toys for a bit, at one point holding on to the woven catnip toy with his front paws and the Yeowww heart with his back. He has since showed even more interest in playing with this toy which I really think is down to the texture.

Another fantastic month for him a perfect Valentine's treat for the little man, he's certainly fallen for his new Yeowww heart. 
Initially ignoring the contents of the box in favour of the Yeowww Hearrrt Catnip toy - he loves his Yeowww products.
He had to play, I eventually got the tag removed
Squatting over both his toys, for safe keeping
Ultimate love face, cuddling the mouse and kicking the heart, total bliss!
There are a few different subscription options, mine is the monthly Cat Hampurr which costs £11.95 + p&p, you can also subscribe to a bi-montly box which costs £6 a month plus p&p or if you have more than one cat or want a really big box you can get double helpings at £21.90 a month plus p&p. Further details can be found here

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