Wednesday 18 February 2015

NARS Nail Polish in Chinatown

Did I need a new dark red nail polish? No, did I need a new dark red nail polish that shares the same name as one of my favourite films, yes, yes I did. So here it is, Chinatown from NARS.

Now dark red nail polish is one of those colours that is so easy to get wrong. A dark red works best when it looks like a droplet of blood but it's hard to find one that applies so purposefully uneven with dark areas pooling rather than streaking. Chinatown is magnificent, it applies smoothly, evenly without looking too uniform, it's a gorgeous, deep dark red.

I applied just two coats and was impressed with how quick it was to dry, 10 minutes until perfection. I had it on for 6 days without applying a top coat and it made it that far with no major chips although it got to the point where the tips of my nails were just showing. I did also have a few knocks which resulted in a few dents early on but nothing visible at arms length.

I'm really impressed not only with the gorgeous shade but at its staying power, I'm also pleased with myself for picking up a few other nail polishes from NARS when I picked this up. 


  1. This colour is so pretty :) I haven't tried any Nars polishes before but if they last 6 days without any chips then I definitely need to give them a go! xx

    1. I was super impressed with the longevity, I still have it on, it's so gorgeous! xx

  2. thats a gorgeous shade
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