Monday 2 February 2015

Sunday Weigh-in: Also Known as a Post Where I Complain About Stuff....**** least this week.

I'll start of by saying Monday to Wednesday went fine. I ate well, I worked out when I was supposed and I kept my steps up. I ate less but not too little and had good, balanced meals. I carried on with having a nice, filling breakfast of yogurt, banana and a slice of toast along with my usual salad lunch. All was good.

Now let us move on to Thursday. Thursday and Friday were always going to be difficult. I was due to work at home as we were expecting a visit from social services along with my dad having a visit home from hospital, his first since last September. I knew it would be hard as at work I get to walk around quite a bit visiting people in other department, heck even walking from one end of the building to the other is way over a hundred steps so I knew I possibly wasn't going to make it. I know I've been getting better at doing 10,000 steps at the weekend but that was without having 8 hours of work to do. Now the next thing that happened could be seen as a blessing, now the visit was cancelled due to all the snow but to top that off I have flu. Full blown flu, chesty cough, tired and my body aches all over. I'm still feeling rough now. So I didn't make anywhere near my steps, nor did I keep up my exercise routine. However I also haven't felt hungry so I've had very small meals. I've also stuck to the yogurt, granola and fruit breakfast at the weekend.

I'm actually going to turn this into a positive though. These two events could have happened separately, I knew I would have struggled to make the steps whilst working from home so I was more than likely going to fail, having flu just meant that I rested, I could have got flu the week before and next week and would have been resting so in a way I've got both events tied up in one, however there will still be a day when I'll be at home for the visit but if I'm back to normal I should have the energy to get my steps up!

I'm keeping it short as I'm resting, next week will hopefully better, things happened this week that couldn't be helped but I'm raring to get back into the swing of it, Monday I'll be back to 10,000+ steps and by Tuesday I'll be back on the Wii fit!

**of course I typed this up Saturday evening, Sunday I wasn't feeling that great still and Monday, today, I feel worse than ever and had to call in sick as I can't move, everything aches from my head to my toes. I know tomorrow I'm not going to feel that much better but I'm hoping to be back to normal by the end of the week. I swear my abs will be more toned than ever after all this coughing.

I hope everyone else had a great week and are feeing positive for the week ahead!

Short Term Goals
To not have flu any longer, that's it, nothing more just goodbye flu

Long Term Goals
The first full week that I'm back to normal I want to hit 80,000 steps in one week and 4 hours of exercise


  1. Aww the flu is horrible, look after yourself and make sure you keep your fluids up - sod the steps until you're feeling better again xxx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, It's been the worst bout of flu I've had in a good long time, I'm better but not even back at work yet as I still ache all over and are just a general coughing gross-mess! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you sweetie, I've been tucked up in bed all week now, it's all getting tedious but at least if I'm getting bored I'm getting better! xx

  3. Oh no, I hope you are feeling better soon. I agree with Cheryl forget steps just concentrate on getting better and getting your strength up again x #sundayweighin

    1. Thank you! It's been a long week of illness, I've not had flu so bad in a long while, the whole week has been a write-off! xx

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Some times you just have to let your body guide you in whats best at that time