Sunday 15 February 2015

Sunday Weekly Weigh-In: This Week I Will Be Pretty Vague

Why am I being vague? I actually can't remember much of this week! I blame it on feeling a bit rotten today. I've not been too bad this week, I've still had a cough and I've felt tired but not as bad as the week before. My whole body has been pretty tired and achy though, I still get nerve pain where I had my surgery and the heavy coughing has irritated it. this morning I woke up feeling lousy again so I've pretty much written today off, watched a couple of films in bed and a few episodes of Buffy. I felt lousy for feeling lousy so this afternoon I made the effort to at least tidy up a bit. The most frustrating thing about tidying up is although you can spend a couple of hours going back and forth moving items around, putting out rubbish, etc. it just doesn't mount up the same as a couple of hours walking. I'm still feeling groggy this evening but instead of trying to fit some more steps in I'm going to concentrate on getting an early night and working hard tomorrow.

So how about the rest of the week? It's been pretty okay, I got back into the swing of exercising. I felt more tired and achy than I would usually do but I'm determined to stick at it. Now either this pain and aching is a mix of the new lump and previous tumour OR it's from not getting out of bed for the week. The best way to find out is to get active again. I have my scan in a few weeks time, 9th March, the day after my birthday. So up until then I'm not really thinking about it as it's just a waste of time. I want to push myself a bit more with the exercise so as well as the Wii I plan to pull out a couple of dvd's from The Firm and add them next weekend. This means strapping on my heart rate monitor again - at the moment I'm just going by what the Wii says I burn as it saves time. So I'm pretty into my fitness at the moment, I may even fit in a couple of yoga sessions next week, if I find the time.

My steps were better than the previous week but not as good as they could

Food wise, I've been okay. Back to salads at lunch, less snacking which is good, I'm trying to keep my fruit down - I know this may seem crazy but I do usually eat a lot, I'm trying to go with three portions of fruit, 5 of vegetables. I've stopped having tomatoes in my salad which not only means less fruit but it also saves me a little money. Instead I simple have carrots, peppers and cucumber along with durum wheat. I then have a small pot of melon and pineapple. I also usually have a banana for breakfast with a yoghurt and one slice of toast. Now I do usually add a little something else to my lunch but all within reason. I still need to work on my evening meals, I need to cut the portion size down. I'm sometimes so hungry by the time I get to eat as it's usually quite late so I will have something beforehand, if I could eat earlier that would be ideal.

This last week just feels like an unfocused blur. I really hope to make some great progress this week ahead, mainly with evening meals but also with my steps.

Short Term Goals
I want to concentrate on my Fitbit stats and aim for 250 floors climbed and 35 miles walked next week!

Long Term Goals
I want to be able to wear lots of denim, 70s style jeans, dungarees, denim pinafores, denim skirts that button up. Oh please before summer!


  1. Sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. I'm feeling worn out at the moment too but hoping it's just the crazy week I've had at work and not the flu epidemic that's going round. Interesting you're cutting down on fruit - I usually eat loads too but as I'm giving the Dukan 2 a go, I'm limiting it and upping the veg too. Time will tell if it makes any difference ! Thanks for linking up xx

    1. I can go over the top with my fruit eating which can play havoc when trying to keep my carbohydrates to a normal amount. I know it's strange but I rather like raw cauliflower as a snack, very tasty! My pleasure, it's always great to reflect! xx

  2. Good luck with everything! Starting my diet from today. Monday = new start, hopefully! xx

  3. Hope you feel better by now. Have a great week ahead, girl.

    1. Thank you Lenya, I am, somewhat! You too! xx