Wednesday 4 March 2015

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 23/2/15 - 1/3/15

There hasn't been much change since last week, in fact I did less steps. I made it through the week though. I'd started to feel a bit flu like (again) by the end of the week but my main problem was exhaustion. I'm just so tired. I just don't have enough time for everything which I'm sure makes things worse. I'm busy at work, dad is still in hospital and I have my own health problems - my scan is next week followed by with a doctors appointment (in regard to pain relief - I take quite strong painkillers on a daily basis) later in the week. It's strange how not being able to drive makes a difference, it helps with my steps but hinders when it comes to having free time. At least I generally walk more because of this.

I'm not going to focus on much this week but I'm making a few changes. Eating earlier in the evening in the week - I do have a tendency to eat later at the weekend too but I'm usually up longer after it and waking up later in the morning so I'm not bothered about that. In the week I tend to snack when I get home so now I'm hoping eating my tea as soon as I get in will help stop the evening snacking.

I'm also hoping after I've had my scan and my doctors appointment I'll be more relaxed. Sometimes I find the worry can make things appear worse, a tiny pain from a tweak is life-threatening when you don't know what is causing it. So while my mind is playing tricks on me I'm going to be carefree, I never go too wild though, I'm still trying to stick to a basic two out of three rule, two of my meals are full on healthy and my third meal can be a little indulgent - when I feel like it, not for the sake of it. I'm snacking less in general and trying to eat more each meal, I found that I'd pick more when I had smaller meals plus I want to make sure I leave a decent amount of time between each meal. As always, I like things within reason so I'm not going to be too obsessive with it. 

It is my birthday this Sunday so there will be a slight lack of structure with lunch out with friends on Saturday, visiting dad on Sunday followed by a meal out with mum in the evening - Tapas which, for me, means olives, aubergine in a tomato sauce with cheese, patatas bravas, vegetarian paella - all shared, of course. I usually try and balance it out the rest of the day but I'm not going to worry too much. Plus there will of course be cake! 

Forward thinking, I just want to concentrate on my health and fitness. As long as my eating is reasonably healthy, and also within the amount of calories I should have I'm not too worried. I just want more energy and more stamina. I'm having a couple of days off for my birthday on Monday and Tuesday - I always have a long weekend around my birthday so that I can binge watch films in bed and be miserable, I don't want to mess with tradition. The rest might recharge me somewhat. 

Anyway, I don't want to wish away my birthday weekend but I'm looking forward to skipping forward a few weeks so that I'll know where I stand with my health! 


  1. Have a fabulous birthday and I really hope you get some answers and reassurance about your health very soon. Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I can't wait to get my scan and my doctors appointment over with, I thought I was getting over the previous surgery and getting on, I just don't want the cycle to start all over. However I'm going to enjoy my days off for my birthday and spending time with family friends, oh and the cake! xx