Tuesday 24 March 2015

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish Review

I've only recently started to use NARS nail polish and I regret having not started sooner. Their nail polish might be on the slightly costly side but it's worth it for the quality. 

As soon as I saw Orgasm I knew I had to have it, in spring I'm always drawn to lighter, pastel shades but wanted something with a bit of punch. Orgasm is a peach/orange sherbet of a shade, or shimmery and vibrant with a slight hint of gold glitter making it a perfect holiday shade. 

Now, unlike the other NARS nail polishes I've tried I found the application a bit uneven. This was due to the small gold particles. Now this isn't a major issue, I was being lazy and doing my nail varnish at an awkward angle in bed, applying it on a flat surface would have been a lot easier. 

I found three coats was needed to get a good, colourful coat, luckily it was touch dry in 15 minutes. Without a top coat it was still tough, lasting 4 days without chipping. One thing I was worried about was the small particles of glitter going everywhere when the nail polish was removed but not only did it not end up all over my skin it removed like a none glitter nail polish which is the one thing that puts me off wearing glittery shades during the week. 

A gorgeous spring shade to take me through to summer. 


  1. i like the orangish color

  2. Such a beautiful colour. I want it like now!!

    1. It's so lovely, It's going to be perfect when the weather is warmer here! xx