Tuesday 10 March 2015

Thirty-Third Birthday Bonanza

Well last Sunday marked yet another birthday, 33, thirty-friggin'-three, I'm starting to dread these birthday events, they seem to be ageing me. It was great having lunch out with my friends on the Saturday, an event I've already shared (well I shared what I wore - it counts!) so this follow up post is one where I can go, oooh, look at my presents (I'm allowed to brag as I always give fantastic, over-the-top with thought, gifts - so I like to give as well as receive).

However I'm going to start with the best part of the day, visiting my dad.

Dad has been in hospital since last September, he's in a neurological rehabilitation centre, getting better, but still needs a lot of help. As part of his occupational therapy he was taken out to a shop, a bit of walking but most of the time in the wheelchair, where he chose a card for me and a Cadbury's Flake. The best part of that was him being able to do a little more, even if mum also helped.

He was also able to remember that it was my birthday, with a little bit of prompting, not much. We also managed to get him to stay out of bed for an hour while we were there, then after he'd been in bed for a bit we managed to convince to sit out in his chair. It's sometimes hard to encourage him to do things, he doesn't have much drive, an effect of what happened is a change in personality and lethargy

After the visit to my dad we stopped in to see my aunt, uncle and cousins (I'm now addicted to Crossy Road - blame it on my love for Frogger). Now for tea we went out for a meal to a restaurant called Flamenco, a fantastic, very vegetarian friendly Tapas restaurant in town that mum also loves so it was great to get out for an early meal before coming home and crashing. All in all it was a great day.

The birthday cake had to wait until the next day as we were stuffed and tired. It was worth the wait.

I received some wonderful gifts. Exciting gifts. So what did I get? It's all after the cut.

Books, clockwise from left: British Trash Cinema by I.Q. Hunter; Alien Landscapes? Interpreting Disordered Minds by Jonathan Glover; Terrible Estate Agent Photos by Andy Donaldson; Diaboliad by Mikhail Bulgakov; X vs. Y: A Culture War, A Love Story by Eve Epstein and Leonora Epstein

CD's, left to right, Solid - Groundhogs and See The Fire: Albums, Singles and BBC Recordings 1982-1987 - Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry
Clockwise, from top left: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons 1-7 (I'm slightly obsessed, I watch it over and over, total guilty pleasure; Rainer Werner Fassbinder Volume II; The Claude Chabrol Collection, Entertaining Mr Sloane
Cosmetics: NARSi​ssist Blus​h, Cont​our, And Lip Pale​tte and NARS Nail Polish in Zakynthos - my new nude

so a great day, some wonderful presents but, more importantly, some quality time with family.


  1. I can tell that seeing your Dad was the best part of your birthday!!! I am glad. i hope he is getting better. i know 2 yrs ago i had gotten a call from my best friend jason at Christmas and talking to him was enough for me. That was my best gift that year. So i can tell seeing and spending time with your dad was your best gift!

    1. Thanks Sean, it was super nice, especially as he was sat up in the foyer waiting for us. Initially, we would be down for hours with him barely being awake (especially during the coma!), now he's making progress. They are coming to fit handrails in our home today, plus the funding meeting is this week so he could be back home in the next few weeks! xx

  2. Replies
    1. I'm sure I will, just thumbing through I've discovered some films of interest I've yet to see!

  3. Nice to read this post.Happy belated birthday.That cake was just something else.Have a nice weekend

    1. Thank you Ruth! It was so tasty but sad that I had to cut it up! xx