Wednesday 18 March 2015

Midweek Health & Fitness Update 9/3/15 - 15/3/15

Another mixed week with some positives and some negatives.

The main negative was my step count. I feel like I'm slipping further and further away from hitting 10,000 a day (or even averaging 70,000 a week). I'm trying hard when I'm in work where I spend a lot of time walking about anyway, I just make sure I push it a bit further. At the weekends I don't do that much, with dads imminent return home, preparing the house, considering things and knowing that there will be a lot of caring, which is a reason for me to remain at home, I kind of feel like I'm getting as much relaxation in as I can right now. I think I'm just imagining the worst case scenario.

Monday - Tuesday holiday at home, Thursday Medical appointment, Saturday and Sunday laziness

My hospital appointment went well, the scan shows that it is pretty positively a lipoma, just a large one, bloody fatty lump, I can't win! So the preference, which is my preference is just to leave it and see if it is growing rapidly or if the discomfort gets worse - right now it could still be post-viral.

I've also been referred for counselling but that's a different story.

My surgery side has been irritating me more, I've had quite a bit of pain but I can't win, I need to find a good in-between spot - so no throwing around heavy weights but no doing sweet FA either. This prompted me to go ahead with the positive point of the week, yoga, getting back to that was fun, I was sore the next day but it really was worthwhile, I can't just do nothing while I wait.

Food wise, unfortunately I have nothing excited to report. No exotic, tasty discoveries, just bog standard, basic, eating a little bit less than I should but not by too much. Moderation with everything, of course.

This week I mainly want to focus on sleep - I know that sounds incredible as I had such a lazy weekend but I'm exhausted and it would nice to be less sleep deprived so that I don't get so many people telling me I look tired.


  1. Yay, glad to hear you got good news at the doctor's. Fab to hear you're dad's coming home too - but you're right to get in as luch you-time as you can now ! xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, its so frantic at the moment, I'm going to fit in more yoga at some point this week as it really helped me feel a bit more centred. Every evening I'm ready to drop by 9! Hopefully there will be some kind of miracle. xx