Sunday 29 March 2015

Vintage Fair Finds

There was a local vintage fair on in town today, as it's two days until payday I had to borrow some cash but it was totally worth it as I've picked up plenty of items for my money. £95 taken, and around £87 spent, here's what I picked up. 

Bedspread £15.00
This bedspread is in great condition, the colour is still vibrant. It's a double which means I'm one step closer to moving towards just having a sheet and bedspread rather than duvet. 

Photograph heavy so I'll cut here, a lot more photos after the break! 

£7.00 total - I think!

What I like and look for are the mass produced pieces you see everywhere, I'm not after collecting to make a profit, it's just how I like my house to look. 
The jumper was £12 and the wooden gazelle was £3.50
Kitchen Utensils Pot £5.00
The lettering doesn't actually look as worn as it does in the photo. Another addition to my kitchen collection of browns and oranges! I usually collect Hornsea pieces but I like to mix it up.

Money box £5.00
This is actually quite big, I love ornaments of animals that look a little off! 

Necklace £12.00
 I spied this early on but came back to it when I was nearly finished, I loved it at first sight but decided to walk around , return and hope it was still there, fortunately it was. I can't explain it but I was just drawn to it. 

A few records, my turntable is currently out of action but at £3.00 each I couldn't resist picking up a few. 

Umbrella £8.00
It was pouring it down outside which gave me a good reason to pick up an umbrella - I don't own one already so it was also useful. I hate compact umbrellas, this is a nice in-between as it isn't as large as normal umbrellas although it does offer great coverage.

Scarf £1.76
A real bargain, I had no change at this point so he let me have the scarf for 24p less than it should be, a total bargain either way. I just love the colour, it's light so it will be perfect for spring. It would have worked nicely with my outfit today.

Well that's it from my shop, I'm planning to go vintage shopping with a friend in a few weeks, as long as everything goes to plan, so you can expect another shopping haul post! 


  1. Some great buys here, I am especially taken with the scarf, the bedspread and the kitchen utensils pot

    1. I can't wait to wear the scarf out, I don't think it would quite work with my pass at work! As soon as the weather gets warmer I'm going to pick up a sheet and just use that with the bedspread. The utensils pot will really fit nicely with my other bits of kitchen stuff, I must make sure I take photos of my collection so far - now I just need a kitchen!

  2. you found such great pieces, lucky u :)
    loved the pattern of first one

  3. O my my you got amazing stuff, I love vintage things since childhood and all the things you have picked are so good!

    Have a blessed week ahead!

    1. Thank you sweetie, I'm so happy with my selection - I'm looking forward to having another vintage shopping trip in a couple of weeks! xx