Saturday 21 March 2015

What's in Samhain's Cat Hampurr? March 2015

It's that exciting time of the month where Samhain gets to open yet another box of goodies - he really does deserve it, he brings calm into my life even though he's chaotic. He looks forward to receiving his box, he knows when the box arrives that this time it's for him, not those countless other boxes containing goodies for the big cat, nope, this one is for him.

He insisted on opening the box upstairs, I was attempting to open it in the front room for a change as my bed was a mess but he likes routine so everything was brought upstairs. He certainly wasn't disappointed. So what did he get?

As usual, hiding the most stinkiest of the Hampurr contents

Thrive - Complete Wet Food 1 tin of Tuna Fillet and 1 tin of Chicken Breast & Turkey
I've not quite got to the bottom of what wet food Samhain likes from Thrive. For some reason I haven't thought to try the plain tuna fillet even though this is usually a safe bet so I'm looking forward to trying him with it this weekend. The Chicken Breast & Turkey he already loves but it's great to be able to stock up the food cupboard for him with a known favourite.

Thrive - Premium Plus Dry Food Salmon & Herring
We've had this before but I'm glad to have another sample to evaluate. I like to give him a mix of biscuits and prefer the better quality, no cereal brands. The Thrive Premium Plus dry food is not only free from cereals but also free from soya, wheat, rice, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and genetically-modified ingredients. I don't mind spending more money on quality cat food for Samhain, I want him to have the best, but I have to make sure he enjoys it first and with Thrive he just loves these biscuits, nearly as much as their dried treats.

Tapping for a treat

GranataPet - 1 Packet of Chicken & Cat Grass Treats and 1 Packet of Duck & Catnip Treats
A new product for both of us, I've never seen this Austrian brand before but Samhain was keen to try. We've opened the Chicken & Cat Grass treats which are anti-hairball, he just loves them - other anti-hairball products don't appeal to him so I'm glad he likes these. I'm sure he'll love the Duck & Catnip treats even more.

Making sure nobody pinches his Stinky Shark
Plague Rats Stinky Shark
Samhain is a huge fan of the Plague Rat, he's reviewed the rat itself before which we received in a previous box. The new incarnation is a stinky shark with the same potent combination of catnip and valerian root so of course he lost his mind when he sniffed this, the saliva went flying! I don't think he'll ever get bored of the toys on offer from Plague Rats.

Hem & Boo Knitted Cat Teasers and Pouncers with Catnip
This is the sort of toy you don't think your cat needs until you see it. Samhain loves playing with balls when he is playing all by his lonesome, but he doesn't go wild for balls in general, however, any loose tag, bit of string, ribbon, he goes crazy for so this toy might just work for him.

Anicura Cat Spray
A very interesting product for a cat, you could almost say it's a beauty product although a healthy skin and coat isn't exactly about looking good. Samhain is a bit of a fighter, I don't know whether this was why he ended up in a rescue centre as his background is unknown. It tends to be other cats, or really one other cat. He never wins and has got himself into some silly states. Now apart from the two poo fights which ended with only minor injuries, just incredibly smelly. he has been fight free but he is still left with some dry skin where his scabs have healed so this will be perfect for getting his skin back in tip top condition!

He loves his Cat Hampurr, as usual a strong toy distracted him from paying close attention to everything although he did tap my hand (I've trained him to do that for food/snacks) when I picked up the GranataPet snacks, whilst continuing to lick his stinky shark, he can multi-task! He even tired to unwrap the goodies himself, not completely successfully but he tried so I cobbled together some of the videos I took using my camera phone - not the greatest but still worth a look!

There are a few different subscription options, mine is the monthly Cat Hampurr which costs £11.95 + p&p, you can also subscribe to a bi-montly box which costs £6 a month plus p&p or if you have more than one cat or want a really big box you can get double helpings at £21.90 a month plus p&p. Further details can be found here

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