Friday 4 July 2014

Sweaty Betty Sale Haul

Now I always promised myself that when I got to my ideal size I would treat myself to some gorgeous fitness clothing from Sweaty Betty, now I'm not there yet but I justified these purchases thus:
  • I do various exercises, equaling multiple workouts a week.
  • There was a sale!
So these items were in many ways needed. 

Skinny Seamless Headband £6.00 // Kriya Yoga Leggings £20.00 (down from £29.00)  // Galaxy Padded Bra £19.00 (down from £39.00) // Padmasana Yoga Crop Top £13.00 (down from £45.00) 

A good strong crop top is a must, as a big boobed woman I often bounce the stretch out of my crop tops in about six months. So I picked up two, both extremely supportive as well as looking absolutely bloody gorgeous! I also picked up some leggings - I always wear leggings, I hate wearing loose workout gear - too much of a tripping hazard! Now these are full length ones so I will wait until the weather is cooler to wear these but hopefully that won't be long. I had to get a little accessory too, the headband is needed though as I have a fringe and a few other loose bits of hair that wont tie back but also work loose from my hair clips so this headband has a job to do!

Ultraviolet Dance Cami £13.00 (down from £45.00) // Camden Vest £19.00 (down from £39.00) 

Two more items, the cami on the left is a stretchy, tight type of top - I like to layer these over my sport crop tops for extra support for my more hardcore workouts that involve a lot of movements, twisting and weightlifting. The loose vest on the right is to help me through the warmer months, even though I do all my workouts at home I would't dare just wear a crop top on its own, no matter how much I'd want to, so this incredibly light and loose top will serve as a thin cover up for the rest of the summer months, pretty neat right?

So that's it, until I hit my target at least my boxing, hiit, cross trainer, weightlifting, cardio parties, yoga, pilates, yogalates sessions will now be even more stylish - the only thing I'm missing is a new pair of trainers - time to get hunting!


  1. i strach my top thr other way round, i have almost no boobd so i keep pulling my tops up...
    i need the sports b , its so cool
    keep in touch,

    1. This is the prettiest fitness clothes I've ever owned, I would much prefer to have a smaller bust for many reasons but one reason would be to make exercise easier! xx

  2. Such gorgeous exercise wear! I always feel it motivates me to do more if I'm wearing nicer clothes to begin with


    1. Totally, I know some would poo poo the notion but if you look the part you act the part, it makes you feel more serious about it - plus quality exercise gear has so many benefits - the material here is just that bit better, tight and holding in the right places but totally breathable too. I keep looking at my stuff, it's so pretty! xx

  3. I love the sports bra! So cute!


    1. In a way it feels too good to sweat in - but that won't stop me! xx