Saturday 12 July 2014

Lipstick Queen - Jungle Queen in Pop-Papaya Coral

Yet another Lipstick Queen lipstick, not only that bit another summer shade. I didn't actually choose this, I let James choose hoping the excitement of being able to pick the colour would detract from the fact that I was buying two new lippies (and a new perfume). 

This is described as a semi-sheer shade, with Vitamin E which conditions the lips. As mentioned this is semi-sheer but I find it to be more full on than some, it's highly pigmented and bright. It also lasts more like a normal lipstick as it clings to the lips slightly staining making the re-applications minimal. 

The colour really pops, a luminous almost neon mixture of orange, red and even somewhat a bit of pink in there. It's a real stand out statement shade, glossy to boot.

A gorgeous summer colour but also the type of coverage you'd want, not too heavy and moisturising. 

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  1. The color is so gorgeous!