Monday 7 July 2014

Competition Wins! Ojon Hair Goodies + £500 ASOS Vouchers

I'm a competition lover, it's a bit of a pastime for me initially taken up when I was off work ill awaiting surgery and recovering. I don't enter every competition I see but I enter plenty, now I don't win all the time but this week I'd had two wins, two fairly big ones!

Thanks to Chrysler, although I haven't got a photo to show of the congratulatory email, I've landed myself £500 worth of ASOS vouchers! I'm so over the moon, I buy a lot of my clothes from ASOS - I've just had a big parcel arrive last weekend of clothing I ordered last Monday! I'm going to save this voucher for when I've got closer to my goal size, I plan to treat myself to a couple of luxury pieces for a change. It's really helped make my week which is a great achievement as I've been full of a cold.

Time to talk about my next win which as you can see I can show off. A selection of Ojon goodies which means I can get my hair back in to great shape - I don't think it has ever recovered after years of applying colour.

It's nice to just win one item but a full selection like I received is even better as you can truly get a chance to see how well something works for you. The only thing I'm now paranoid about is making sure my dad doesn't work his way through it like he sometimes does with my shampoo then claims he is completely innocent. I wouldn't mind too much but he is pretty much bald so they're going slightly to waste.

Now that's it for now, it's so exciting to win but it makes you want to win more - but you can't win everything! I hope some of you guys are also having some luck with competitions. If you don't enter them then I recommend you get entering! I used to always ignore them in my magazines believing I wouldn't win but I've truly won some amazing products. 

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