Friday 11 July 2014

What's in my Birchbox? July 2014

It's about this time of the year that I expect summer to be over, or possibly wish. I am more of an Autumn/Winter person - I do enjoy some sunshine and the odd beach holiday but day to day normal like mixed with hot sticky and mainly wet weather I just don't get. So it's my own fault that not only was I surprised by the summery feel of this box but I was shocked to see next months will be a bit of a summer special. This just highlights how askew my view of the passing seasons is, I'm already gearing up for Autumn.

As usual my Birchbox has a wealth of useful goodies in, they really know how to pack a punch with their items. Full of plenty of interesting brands and products another successful month means I doubt I'd ever have to consider cancelling my Birchbox subscription.

So what did I get? Well everything is after the cut as I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone else.

Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo 18ml (Full size: £8.95 for 190ml)
I've recently been experimenting with finding a new shampoo after years of using the same old thing. I usually use shampoo for dandruff treatment but in-between I like to try and use something a bit more exciting so I'll look forward to trying this. The smell is almost as important as how it suits your hair, the smell here is very strong and in a way reminds me of that Potters herbal medicine my mum used to give me when I was young - now I never had a problem with the smell just the taste so having my hair smell like it would not be a bad thing.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml (Full size: £20 for 15m)
A great sized sample, I hate sachets, they can work okay for sampling a scent but for a product you need to see at least starting to work it's just no good. Fortunately as I mentioned this is a great size, 7ml works out as actually quite a few applications and only slightly under half the size of the full size. I don't mind spending the extra on products that work but I do like to work that out before I spend the money - not always an easy task. So far from one try I can at least say a little goes a long way, it feels great on and smells gorgeous.

I love a good lip pencil, matte, glossy, sheer, I love it all so this item is perfect. I had thought this was a sample size as it looks smaller than most lip pencils but from what I can find out this is full size - not a bad thing for me that this is smaller than others as I never make my way to the end of any of my lipsticks. Bees Knees is a gorgeous coral colour, it's lovely and sheer with a fresh minty scent. A perfect product for summer as it isn't too heavy and of course the shade is the epitome of beach time fun.

This offers a lovely fresh scent, baths in summer aren't as much fun as they're in winter - I do have them but their purpose is usually to ease my aching muscles rather than to unwind. This does mean that this will work perfectly, the bottle is a lovely sophisticated design and the sample is a generous sie.

I love the packaging, it manages to be both completely plain and completely stylish. I'm using hand cream more and more as each year passes, all are okay, none really do it for me but I'm looking forward to opening this mainly for the smell. Talking about the smell, it's so deliciously fresh, and full of summer holiday - it's this kind of scent that makes me want to enjoy summer so even if the hand cream doesn't thrill me I will be picking up a reed diffuser, possibly some body wash along with whatever else is on offer as this is just delicious.

Lifestyle Extra

Ultradex Oral Spray 9ml (£3.65 for 9ml )
It's funny, I haven't used breath spray since I was a teenager - the age of wishful snogging. I carry gum these days, or at least try to remember to but sometimes I just want a little freshen up rather than chew. So this is a great product, I like the fact that I know that it is suitable as it has the Vegan logo on. Plus it goes without saying but I will mention it, it's a great size, handbag size!

See, another very practical but luscious selection of goods!

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