Wednesday 9 October 2013

HELP! Save My Hair!

Now for once this isn't my review of something this is me needing serious help!

My hair is always problematic, I need to wash it each and every day but it is awful, so flipping, flupping awful - lank is the best word for it, lank and frizzy, marvellous! I use batiste occasionally but I don't want a short term fix I want long term. Apart from cutting it all off is there a product out there that will transform my locks?

4 days back at work and it was after day 1 that I decided to get a few extra minutes in bed rather than put on make-up, I told you, lazy! 

You see my problem is a bit more than I explain up there, inherently it comes down to laziness and not being a morning person. I shower and wash my hair before bed, there is no way I will ever be able to drag myself up before 7am to shower and wash my hair otherwise this wouldn't be a problem as stuff like Matrix smoothing oil works wonders at keeping my hair "together". So this is more of a workday problem rather than everyday - I can just about deal with that.

My hair also seems to be getting worse in recent months although I think I have an explanation for this. My hair used to be slightly problematic and a friend suggested always drying my hair as I have a tendency to let it dry naturally as it is super long and as I mentioned before I'm pretty lazy, this actually made a big difference at the time. Fast forward a year. Since leaving hospital I've found myself sleeping more on my back and although I've been sleeping slightly on my side recently I do like sleeping on my back as it does wonders for my skin. Unfortunately it creates a sweat lodge for my hair to inhabit. On top of that the medication I take makes me overheat like crazy, eventually I'll be off the medication but until then I need a solution.

So I'm looking for tips and tricks, either from those with similar issues or just those who know a thing or two about keeping hair in super nice condition. Am I missing interesting products to try?



  1. i use coconut oil and it works pretty good :)

    1. I think that'll have to go on my to try list, I've seen it but never used it, actually......aha! I just remembered I bought a tub of some Palmer's hair stuff months ago but couldn't remember what, coconut oil moisture gro, better pop that in the shower! xx