Monday 7 October 2013

nails inc - Heroes - Porchester Square

nails inc in Porchester Square £11.00

I've recently been rummaging through my nail varnish collection as going back to work has meant I've gone from wearing whatever I like on my nails to wearing nudes and naturals. This isn't particularly because of where I work rather down to me. Get me in the outside world and my nails take a beating, they will be knocked, chipped and scraped, so more neutral shades suit me better as when I chip them they aren't as noticeable.

On my rummage I stumbled across Porchester Square by nails inc and I knew it would be perfect. When it comes to lighter colours I do like the odd light pink nail varnishes every so often but I prefer my nude colours to have a slightly brown tone. The colour of this particular varnish is described as a mushroom shade which I can see although I see mushroom soup as to me the colour is more the shade of a mushroom blended.

Having owned this for 18 months and used it when it first arrived I was pleased to see the consistency was still perfect, no different to when it first arrived. As I've found with all nails inc it was easy to apply evenly without any weird streaks or clumps.

I was also reminded why I love nails inc and don't mind paying the extra, it dries super fast. Within two minutes of applying I had managed to become fidgety and had start to rearrange some trinkets on my bookshelf. It was inevitable that I would cock up which I did, I managed to flick an ornament with my finger but was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't even smudged my nail let alone chipped a huge chunk out. Even after a commotion with my camera meant further smudge scenarios I managed to get away practically unscathed - apart from a bit of a smudge on my little finger. Not bad at all. For me they are one of the best brands that you can apply and forget about in five minutes. Now I just need to clean up around the edges!

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