Friday 18 October 2013

It's KIKO Time - KIKO Haul (Thanks Mum!)

I've been a bit lethargic this week due to illness and being at work but my parents returning from their holiday has spurred me into action. Whilst away my Mum sent me a rather exciting text, "I've just walked by a KIKO store, what do you want?", of course this cheered me up no end and the text she received, well she received 8 texts. I wasn't being greedy, there is so much I want from them but I just wanted to make it easy for my Mum to find. By the time they returned yesterday I'd almost forgotten about the the text, I was just happy to see them, of course when Mum started to produce item after item I was rather giddy, hence this post.

I usually focus on individual products but I do like to post shopping sprees - I always love to look at what other people have been buying so I'm sure a few others share this interest. Plus as I have £0 at the moment and it looks like that will be the case until the end of November anything I do get will be shown so this present and any pre-orders I paid for previously are the only things to be featured. Plus the odd present James buys me!

So, what did I get?

  • Water Eyeshadow - 212 Emerald Green - I swear mothers always know what to get, although I sent her a list as big as a novella she picked this colour, the colour I regretted not picking up when I did my first order. 
  • Smart Lipstick - 43 Light Pink - a gorgeous light, shimmery pink. I think this shade looks perfect with 60's style heavy eye make-up.
  • Twinkle Eye Pencil - 06 Hypnotic Starry Black - A black with a bit of sparkle, perfect for this time of year. 
  • Eyetech Look Eyeshadow - 114 Pearly Cobalt Green - I've been desperate to try this product for a while, this one is very dark with a hint of green. Applies like an eyeliner with an eyeshadow effect, along with the rest of the products I will do a full post on the product. 
  • 30 Day Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara - a black lengthening treatment mascara at a bargain price (currently on offer at £3.90). My lashes are okay, but as I've mentioned in previous posts I do compares my lashes to others and with false lashes being the norm (and something I struggle to apply) I do prefer a mascara that does the same job so I can't wait to see how well the treatment does. I will make sure to document this when I start my 30 days of mascara.
  • 30 Day Extension - Night Treatment Booster - My mother was also very thoughtful as she picked me up the night treatment booster too. I'm so eager to try it out I want to get it on tonight but I know I need to do it properly, restrain myself and test its powers. 
  • Laser Nail Lacquer - 433 Gothic Purple -  Mum knows I love nail varnish, she also knows I have too many but she couldn't resist getting me another one to add to my bulging collection. This one is a gorgeous iridescent purple. 

Now my parents will be going away again before Christmas which not only means we get the house to ourselves but Mum has also offered to pick me up a few more treats from KIKO, I don't think I'll be happy until I have everything they do but for now I'll work on deciding what I really want and giving Mum a much more manageable list.


  1. Lovely shade of nail polish - can't wait to hear what you think of all the products! Xx

    1. I really can't wait to try them, they might be the only things to drag me away from GTA V this weekend, I'm super keen on trying the mascara treatment but I really want to wait and test it properly! xx

  2. I love KIKO! I think they have some amazing products! The shade of the eyeshadow looks beautiful!


    1. They really do, they're a fairly new one to me so I'm enjoying discovering their products, such a bargain too!! x