Wednesday 2 October 2013

Plant Pot Make-Up Storage Bargain from Waitrose

I love doing a big shop, I love it even more after work before a day off and even more when I find products I can use for a different purpose for what they were intended - in a lot of cases they can work out cheaper.

Whilst picking up a couple of bunches of flowers in Waitrose I came across these gorgeous metal plant pots (medium) at a mere £2.50 each. To be honest I wanted to buy them before working out what I wanted to do with them but before they'd even made it to the trolley I realised they would be perfect for holding make-up, so I bought two. I have a few make-up pots and most are inadequate size wise, I have many overflowing pots and they are beyond frustrating, when trying to reach an item 4 other things come out too and litter my already messy desk - don't even ask me about when I'm in a rush. I've been looking out for a nice holder but everything I looked at that was a good size whilst not being too big was pricey but these are the perfect price.

One filled one more to go, 3 small pots worth plus a few random bits from my littered desk. I can't decide whether to use the other one to hold my hair stuff, have another make-up pot or an extra large pen/other stationery holder! I think I need to pick up some more while they're in store. 

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