Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy All Hallows' Eve!

Happy All Hallows' Eve to all ghouls and goblins! What a funny day, I can't believe it is already this time of the year. My year has been awash with bland nothingness but for it to not only be Autumn but Halloween is a complete shock to my system. If I say I'm not ready can we go back a month and start again?

I know I started my preparations and started thinking but work has been busy and I've been busy trying to adjust. I'm still having to take painkillers but I'm getting there, unfortunately being back in the big wide world has meant I've caught every bug going around and take I felt pretty terrible, which is terrible considering what day it is. So instead I'm seeing Halloween as the start of something, Bonfire night is coming up and then it will soon be Christmas and New Years Eve and I've decided to not stop preparing. Christmas shopping has even been started. That doesn't mean I want Halloween to fade into nothingness.

Last night we carved pumpkins, mine had to be the giant one, we've got them on display on the hall landing windowsill. I actually went on a mad hunt today for led tea lights, I mean we have bags of actual tea lights that are about 15 years old but as the pumpkins are indoor for now the led tea lights are perfect for leaving and forgetting about, they also look just as effective. 

That's it for today though, I'm already in my pj's but a scary film awaits and we still have the weekend to look forward to! Firstly I can look forward to a few parcels arriving, as I've been back at work James has treated me to a couple of sprees via ASOS and New Look so an early Christmas. Secondly and more importantly is Bonween, a few of my friends and I are getting together for a combination, celebration of both Halloween and Bonfire Night. We will be having a ton of fireworks, proper full on fireworks. There will also be some yummy goodies not just from myself but I plan on baking my pretzels but also hopefully attempting a forgotten recipe, well lost, it is actually one from a book, except I don't have a copy any more, the book was from the library and that has gone, my local library even tracked down similar books from the British library to no avail so I will just be winging it, which suits me, I do that with most things I bake! There will also be mulled cider - unfortunately not for me. Later on we'll be going back to our friends house for scary movies so we do have an absolutely fantastic evening planned and I really can't wait. I just have to stop feeling like shit then I can enjoy it. 


  1. Happy halloween! :) I didn't end up doing anything for halloween this year but a combination of halloween and bonfire celebrations sound AMAZING!


    1. That's such a shame! Yesterday was great, apart from the weather, still, it did clear enough for some sparklers and fireworks, I'm sure I'll post photos of them later! xx