Thursday 9 January 2014

Shopping the Sales: Part 3: Rock 'N Rose

Well I hope everyone else is having a more relaxing week than I am. Work is busy and I have a cat in a strop due to me being at work all week, I even brought him a saucer of cat milk in bed and he is still giving me the evils. So while parcels have arrived, not all of them have been opened. I have a huge parcel from Topshop and all my ASOS items to sort but that will have to wait until the weekend.

Now although I like quantity just as much as I like quality picking up a few perfect pieces is just as good, I also have more time to unwrap them so for me a little package containing two items of jewellery really made my day. Now I'm happy to admit I predominantly go for costume jewellery, I have no need for diamonds nor would I wear natural pearls so I tend to pick up little bits of cheap pieces preferring to have variety, an item for every outfit I could imagine. Apart from clothes shops and department stores there are only two jewellery places that I truly love, both manage to offer quality pieces at a reasonable price. I can also guarantee there will always be something I love. The first shop is Astrid & Miyu, James buys me a piece from them every Christmas and birthday, if he ever stops this then he will be scolded, although I am tempted to pick myself up a couple of items as March feels like a lifetime away. Now the second place is really what the post is about, Rock 'N Rose, I have numerous pieces from them, I love their vintage collection, everything is a good price and interesting. Jewellery should always be interesting, items that blend into the background bore me.

At the time of ordering there wasn't a sale but I was emailed a discount code, for the life of me I can't remember why, but one of these items is on sale now and neither are that expensive.

RAMONA Vintage Chain Bracelet £12.00

ANISE Vintage Chain Necklace £21.00

I love the look of these items as they truly look 70's. I love brass, I think it looks a lot nicer than some gold plated type jewellery which in my opinion can sometimes look cheap. Now I have quite of stock of brass jewellery from Rock 'N Rose and they all look amazing.

I don't know about anyone else but I always have the urge to buy more items even after a good shop! 

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